Zekka Hōōsen (絶華鳳凰閃 - Zekka Hōō Sen, lit. "Superb Phoenix Flash") is Ikaruga's Ultimate Secret Ninja Art in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus. It requires five Ninja Art scrolls to use and for Ikaruga to be at critical health.


Shinovi Versus

Ikaruga Zekka Hoosen

Ikaruga calls upon her guardian, a large phoenix made of blue fire, whom which flies up, makes a nosedive, and is absorbed into Hien. The sword is then immersed in a blue aura as she then slashes rapidly at her enemies with it. To finish, Ikaruga slashes one last time with her sword before sheathing it back as the enemy falls. The direction and angle of this move, though stationary, can be changed as the move progresses.

(( Ikaruga becomes able to use it after clearing Chapter 4 Mission 01.))

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