Yumi (雪泉) is a third-year student and the leader of the Gessen Girls’ Academy shinobi. Her grandfather Kurokage was a rival to the legendary ninja Hanzō. She lost her parents when she was young, so Kurokage raised her along with the other Gessen girls.

Her name means "snowy spring" in Japanese, which may have subconsciously contributed to her cool personality and fighting style. Her fighting style combines traditional Japanese dance with ice-based Ninja Arts.



Yumi has pale white skin and icy blue eyes. Her hair is a dark-gray color of medium length that is pent up slightly in the back by her white bow that has blue stripes on the ends. In her shinobi clothes, she wears a solid white furisode kimono that hangs off her shoulders and exposes her cleavage. The outfit has a blue double-lined trim with a blue obi in the back.


As her name implies, Yumi has a very cool personality. She is a very calm and very serious girl. She gives nothing but one hundred percent when it comes to achieving a personal ambition and will go to any lengths to realize a goal she has set out for herself. For these reasons she could be viewed as stubborn when people present their own personal ideals and values in conflict with her own


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