Yumi EV

The following page covers Yumi's gameplay in Senran Kagura: Estival Versus.


Health Attack Defense Endurance Dash Overall Value
5/6 1/6 6/6 2/6 3/6 17/30

Even though Yumi's defense is high, she has low endurance and attack power. She makes up for these, however, with the majority of her moves having freeze abilities. This can stop opponents in their tracks, allowing her to easily gain the upper hand even in the most futile situations. To make up for her various weaknesses, she must take advantage of her chain attacks, Aerial Rave, and Secret Ninja Arts.

Her Frantic Mode makes her even shorter, so use it in conjunction with her Secret Ninja Arts for optimal effect. Deal quick attacks to build up her Ninja Art gauge, then use her Secret Ninja Arts as much as you can. When surrounded, Ice Pillar Fan is the recommended Secret Ninja Art, as it has a large attack range and can rack up a major combo.


Yumi's in-game stats from level 1 to level 50. Please note the numbers listed under the level intervals (anything with a +) does not indicate how much the stat increases between the two levels but rather how much it increases for every 1 level in that range:

Type Initial Lv. 2 - Lv. 10 Lv. 11 - Lv. 20 Lv. 21 - Lv. 30 Lv. 31 - Lv. 40 Lv. 41 - Lv. 50 Max
Health + + + + + 1620
Attack + + + + + 270
Defense + + + + + 235


Combo Tables




Aerial Attack

Air S Icon 1 Air S Icon 2
Air T Icon 1
Tentative Name Skill Name Level Obtained Hold Barrage Aerial Rave Notes Hit Count
Sky S Icon 1 Enmoku 〜 Yukidori 〜 Hitoseki 1 × × × May freeze enemy.
Sky S Icon 2 Enmoku 〜 Yukidori 〜 Futaseki 6 × × × May freeze enemy.
Sky T Icon 1 Yukihime Sanjou 1 × × × Susceptible to Limit Break.

Aerial Rave

Air Rave S Icon 1 Air Rave S Icon 2 Air Rave S Icon 3 Air Rave S Icon 4 Air Rave S Icon 5
Air Rave T Icon 1   
Tentative Name Skill Name Level Obtained Hold Barrage Aerial Rave Notes Hit Count
Aerial Rave S Icon 1 Takasago  1 × × ×
Aerial Rave S Icon 2 Kiyotsune  1 × × ×
Aerial Rave S Icon 3 Obasute  1 × × ×
Aerial Rave S Icon 4 Utō Jyou 1 × × ×
Aerial Rave S Icon 5 Utō Ge 1 × × ×
Aerial Rave S Icon 6 Sesshōseki 1 × ×
Aerial Rave S Icon 6 Yukihime Sanjou 1 × × ×
Aerial Rave T Icon 1 Yukihime Sanjou 1 × × ×

Special Actions

Name Skill Name
Ground Short Dash Aioi
Air Short Dash Aioi
Limit Break Ninshikaden
Guard Gessen
Parry Shimai
Wall Kick Surprise Attack -
Dash Attack -

Secret Ninja Arts

Name Ninja Art Gauge How to Preform Obtain Notes Hit Count
Black Ice 1 Secret Ninja Art S Icon
Initial May inflict frozen status and cannot be blocked.
Ice Pillar Fan 2 Secret Ninja Art T Icon
May inflict frozen status and cannot be blocked.
Hyō-ō 5 Ultimate Secret Ninja Art Reach Level 12 Cannot be blocked.

Hyō-ō Mode


Aerial Attack

Sky S Icon 1
Sky T Icon 1

Aerial Rave

Cannot be used in this mode.

Special Actions

  • Short Dash behavior is different from normal.
  • Cannot Dash Attack, Wall Kick Attack, or Limit Break.
  • Others are the same as usual.

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