This page contains Yumi's quotes for Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit


  • (When selecting Yumi): "Would you choose an outfit, please?"
  • (When selecting Yumi): "Which outfit should I wear?"
  • (When player is idle): "Please take your time to decide."
  • (When player is idle): "Mm, I can smell the aroma of red beans."
  • (When player is idle): "I will continue to wait until you have decided."
  • (When player is idle): "Please let me fan you."
  • (When player is idle): "It is a bit hot..."
  • (When selecting Yumi's Apron/Yumi's Outfit): "This outfit makes me feel rather strong."
  • (When selecting Yumi's Apron/Yumi's Outfit): "I enjoy wearing this into battle."
  • (When selecting Yumi's Gessen uniform): "This is the Gessen Academy uniform."
  • (When selecting Yumi's Gessen uniform): "This is the our uniform."
  • (When changing outfits/accessories): "All these choices make it hard to decide."
  • (When changing outfits/accessories): "One does enjoy a change of style every now and again."
  • (When changing outfits/accessories): "I think this looks rather good on me."
  • (When changing outfits/accessories): "This outfit certainly does...exist."
  • (When changing outfits/accessories): "What do you think of this?"
  • (When changing outfits/accessories): "It's nice to make a change every once in a while."
  • (When changing outfits/accessories): "I suppose I can wear this."
  • (When changing outfits/accessories): "Does this suit me?"
  • (When changing lingerie): "Are you rifling through my undergarments?"
  • (When changing lingerie): "I have never experienced this before."
  • (When changing lingerie): "Freedom of movement is crucial in battle."
  • (When changing lingerie): "This outfit has an aura of solemnity."
  • (When changing lingerie): "I remind you that my outfits must be practical."
  • (When changing lingerie): "This underwear feels as if it's failing to qualify as such."
  • (When changing lingerie): "Some designs are too extravagant to suit me."
  • (When touched): "What does this have to do with the Path of the Shinobi...?"
  • (When touched): "Wh-what are you doing?!"
  • (When touched): "Stop!!"
  • (When touched): "Stop fooling around!"
  • (When touched): "Ahem! You will desist at once!"
  • (When touched): "Shall I freeze that finger of yours?"
  • (When touched): "You have exceeded the limits of my patience!"
  • (During cooking scene): "Let me have a taste."
  • (During cooking scene): "I should taste this before it gets cold."
  • (During cooking scene): "Please wait a moment."
  • (During cooking scene): "One cannot forget to taste."
  • (During cooking scene): "It is almost complete."
  • (During cooking scene): "I would like to add a bit more."
  • (During cooking scene): "This needs a bit more of an accent."
  • (During cooking scene): "Let me add an arrangement."
  • (During cooking scene): "This seems to be the proper size."
  • (During cooking scene): "Preparations are crucial."
  • (During cooking scene): "What dish shall I prepare?"
  • (During cooking scene): *Singing*

Quotes not influenced by the story.

  • (Battle start): "I shall be off."
  • (Battle start): "I will do my very best..."
  • (Battle start): "I will show you the best dish ever."
  • (Victory): "My skills have carried the day."
  • (Victory): "Phew.. And through it all, I stand victorious."
  • (Victory): "Justice always prevails."

The quotes she will say when viewing her Perfect Victory Special after defeating her. These quotes will also be said when viewing her special in the dressing room.

  • "This is impure..."
  • "If you wish to see, then..."
  • "Please forgive me..."
  • "Something is wrong..."
  • "R-Ready to be...served."
  • "I cannot abide such shameful behavior."

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