Yozakura SKBA
Voiced By Kaori Ishishara
Age 16
Gender Female
Birthday April, 5th (Aries)
Blood Type O
Laterality Right
Guardian Spider (Wild Boar)
Personal Details
Status Alive
Occupation Good Shinobi
Affiliation Gessen Girls' Academy (2nd-year)
Hobby Calligraphy
Favorite Food Rice Crackers
Family Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Unnamed Father (Deceased)
Unamed Younger Siblings
Hair Color Dark Blue
Eye Color Dark Blue
Height 159cm (5'3")
Bust 90cm (35")
Cup H
Bust Volume 2052.7ml
Waist 53cm (21")
Hips 82cm (32")

Yozakura (夜桜) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus.

A second-year student at Gessen Girls' Academy. Being the oldest of twelve brothers and sisters, she knows how to discipline her peers, which comes in handy in her work as Yumi's right-hand woman and chief enforcer.

She rarely allows her own discipline to slip, but she does know how to party, and when pushed far enough, she lets loose – not only with her huge gauntlets, but with the full verbal force of her hometown accent.


As Yozakura goes groceries shopping at the shopping district, she begins to wonder how her younger brothers and sisters are doing since she last saw them. It became a normal occurrence for her to think about them whenever she goes to the shopping district for groceries. Yozakura then starts to remember the times when she was in charge of preparing the food for everyone and buying the ingredients. Just thinking about those memories causes her to wonder if she can still make Super Dishes as she felt that there may be a time where she has to make them again. The thought of hearing her siblings say that the Super Dishes doesn’t taste good causes Yozakura to feel a bit of pain mentally. Despite thinking that, it didn’t stop Yozakura from deciding to try making a Super Dish again. She begins to gather the usual ingredients needed at the shopping district, however, as she’s doing so, seeing how expensive the ingredients are surprises her. With the allowance Yozakura have, she begins to wonder how to solve this particular problem.

Suddenly, Yozakura comes across a flyer that say “Super Dish Gourmet Cook-Off”. Thinking about entering the competition, Yozakura realizes that not only can she use all of the ingredients she wants, she’ll be able to brush up on her Super Dish skills as well. Filled with confidence, Yozakura decides to head towards the cook-off’s venue.

First Round
In the first round, Yozakura’s opponent is Ryoubi. When she confronts her, Ryoubi comments on how she can tell that Yozakura cooks a lot, believing that she’ll put up a fight against her. However, Yozakura asks Ryoubi if she is ready to concede, catching her off guard with the sudden question. Yozakura then explains to Ryoubi how she’s obsessed with her bust size to the point of trying to find ways to make them bigger on her spare time. Ryoubi tries to speak up but she couldn’t articulate properly, allowing Yozakura to continue explaining how she’s been busy cooking for her friends and family while Ryoubi was busy doing things related to her bust size. In conclusion, Yozakura states that in regards to experience between the two, she’s in a higher league than Ryoubi, thus saying how she should concede already. However, instead of conceding, Ryoubi rejects the offer to do so.

After Yozakura’s victory, Ryoubi questions how she could lose to her. Yozakura explained to her that she should have practice kneading hamburger patties instead of her “other” hamburger patties. Ryoubi quickly denies the fact that she knead them while Yozakura shrugs off that statement while saying how Murakumo can be a chatterbox sometimes. Yozakura’s statement then causes Ryoubi to start screaming out loud.

Fourth Round
In the fourth round, Yozakura’s opponent is Rin. When she confronts her, Rin becomes interested in the fact that Yozakura is her opponent. However, just like with Ryoubi, Yozakura asks Rin if she is ready to concede already. Rin asks why as Yozakura begins to explain by saying how Rin has been around a lot longer than her as there’s marks on her face. Rin didn't get fazed by those comments while Yozakura begins to wonder how often did Rin get a chance to cook in a kitchen, guessing that she never really had time to do so due to her shinobi duties. In conclusion, Yozakura states how Rin is a great shinobi but she’s confident to think that Rin barely had time to cook in a kitchen. Rin agrees with most of what Yozakura said, which causes Yozakura to ask her if she’s ready concede again. However, Rin questions Yozakura’s statement about the marks on her face as she tries to ignore them, but Yozakura points out that she’s referring to the marks that shows all of Rin’s years of experience. With that one response, Rin decides to declare war against Yozakura.

After Yozakura’s Victory, Yozakura realizes how her Super Dish skills are as sharp as ever. Feeling defeated, Rin wishes that she was 10 years younger, which Yozakura agrees about. Quickly, Rin lashes out on Yozakura, saying that she’s still young, but right afterwards, she begins to sob. As she watches, Yozakura states how youth is like a haze above a flame where it fazes away as the flame disappears.

Final Round
In the final round, Yozakura’s opponent is Shiki. When she confronts her, Shiki complains how it’s unfair to face her as she’s a better cook than her, which Yozakura then suggests to Shiki to concede. However, Shiki tells Yozakura that she can’t say that while telling her that she should concede instead. The reply caught Yozakura off guard as she questions why she should be the one to concede instead. Shiki then starts to explain how Yozakura is already a great cook and can do Super Dishes very well. However, despite that, Shiki believes that there’s something Yozakura can’t cook as good as her. Yozakura wonders what it was but anti-climatically, Shiki states she has nothing. Yozakura becomes confused while Shiki apologizes for the suspense as she was hoping that she had something in mind for the finale. Feeling annoyed, Yozakura asks Shiki again if she was going to concede or not, but Shiki stood her ground as they’re in a battle that must be done.

After Yozakura’s victory, Yozakura becomes enthusiastic about her victory, making sure that it’s the real deal, which Shiki confirms. Filled with joy, Yozakura believes that no one could out-cook her as she’s the undisputed champion, which Shiki also confirms. With the tournament finally completed, Yozakura can confidently state that her Super Dish cooking skills are still in great shape. However, she felt that she hasn’t made enough yet, causing her to come up with a plan.


Yozakura's Ending CG (SK BA)

Back at Gessen Girl’s Academy, Yozakura wipes up multiple Super Dishes for her comrades and everyone that entered the tournament, telling them to eat as much as they liked and that a growing body’s has to eat. She then realizes that throughout the tournament, she was thinking about her younger brothers and sisters, remembering the time she spent eating with them as they were irreplaceable and priceless. Until the day she can be reunited with her siblings again, Yozakura decides to continue practicing her Super Dishes and make a lot of them, regardless of how everybody’s feeling.


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Musical Themes

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Name Game Description Audio
My Ultimate Feast Bon Appétit Yozakura's character song. It plays when going against her in a cooking battle.
My Ultimate Feast

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