Yōma (妖魔) a type of parasitic demon born from bloodshed between shinobi. If the blood within a shinobi barrier flows freely enough, it can break through and emerge into the human world. It is the duty of Kagura to face off against yōma on the front lines.

Under shinobi law, only those who have graduated from school are allowed to be told about their existence. However, there are circumstances, such as the case with Miyabi and Imu, where they encounter them before that time.

The first yoma to make a physical appearance is Orochi in Senran Kagura Burst while the others make their first physical appearance in Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson.


All large-scale calamities suffered throughout the world originate from an ancient, yet still-living, yōma known as "Shin". It's the heart; the soul. As long as the ancient yōma remains undefeated, major disasters will forever continue to plague the population. These disasters will mount and intensify over time, claiming countless victims every step of the way.

In order to defeat Shin, it must first be pulled into the shinobi's own time. The only way to do that is with the shinobi barrier. Blood spilled within it is the most effective bait to lure yōma out from hiding.

List of Yōma 

  • Shin: The source of all yōma that's only mentioned in Crimson Squad's story in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus. Until it is defeated, yōma will continue to exist.

Small Yōma

Yōma  Name (JP) Name (ENG) Description
Skull Yoma
髑髏 Skull A small yōma in the form a human skull. At a close range, it charges in and bites. At a long range, it spits out fireballs. Its jaw is misaligned, presumably because it clacks its teeth so much.
Baby Spider Yoma
仔蜘蛛 Baby Spider A small yōma in the form of a spider. The webbing it spews from its mouth can ensnare unwary opponents.
Tree Spirit Yoma
木霊 (Kodama) Tree Spirit A small yōma in the form of a plant with a cute leaf growing on its head. It can restore its allies' health.

Medium Yōma

Yōma  Name (JP) Name (ENG) Description
Red Oni Yoma
赤鬼 Red Oni A yōma in the shape of a human. She wields a large club. Beneath her mask is the face of a beautiful and determined woman.
Blue Oni Yoma
青鬼 Blue Oni A yōma in the shape of a human. She wields a large club. She frequently has to hold back her assertive partner, Red Oni. Beneath her mask is a coldly beautiful face.
Female Spider Yoma
女郎蜘蛛 Female Spider A yōma with the body of a spider from the waist down. Her fighting style consists of spitting vicious taunts while swarming opponents with her many legs. Her upper body, in the shape of a human female, wears a seductive outfit. Despite her demonic appearance, she seems almost caring somehow.
Crab Madame Yoma
化蟹 (Kakani) Crab Madame A yōma with large pincers and six legs. its fighting style revolves around crushing opponents with its large right pincer. Used to walk only sideways, but learned to walk forward a few centuries ago.
Snake Lady Yoma
蛇女 (Hebi Onna) Snake Lady A yōma with a snake-like pair of arms and lower body. In battle, it weaves about hypnotically while biting wit its arms and shooting needles from its tail. Since it lives in the dark, it covers its eyes with bandages. The eyes themselves are pink.
Snow Maiden Yoma

雪女 (Yuki Onna)

Snow Maiden A yōma in the shape of a woman, straight out of Japanese mythology. She floats about and attacks by blasting hail. Shy about her smile, she hides her mouth behind a mask. Not at all shy about her eyes, she wears scarlet eye shadow.
False Wall Yoma
塗壁 (Nurikabe) False Wall A yōma born from beneath the earth. It has a large body and can deal massive damage. If you shatter the orb that protrudes from its outer crust, you will see the woman the monster has absorbed. Unfortunately, they are already fused with the monster and cannot be saved.
Flower Sprite Yoma
花睨 (Kahaku) Flower Sprite A yōma in the shape of a plant with a butterfly hair accessory. It has the ability to heal it's allies' health and can also spit seeds at you

Giant Yōma

  • Orochi: Orochi is a yōma that was resurrected by Dōgen. It has multiple heads and was summoned from all the Hebijo students who were sacrificed during the assault on Hebijo Academy. Hatred and jealousy are its sources of power.
  • Goza: The Goza is a giant octopus-like yōma that shows up on bodies of water. It is bewildered by all the faces on its body, and can be seen keeping a close hold on a ship.
  • Jura: Jura is a yoma that has fallen from the breasts of a giant shadow. Its round bodies are made from the regrets of dead young girls who admired adults.
  • Mikami: The Mikami are half-human and half-centipede wraith sisters who like to play around with powerful gusts and roaring thunder that are intense enough to reach outside the Linked Shinobi Barrier.

Yōma Generals

The Yōma Generals are the ten special Yōma that Dōgen summoned in Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson. He gave them the blood of Asuka and her friends, and each Yōma General has unique trait from one of them. Each General has a similar moveset and battle pattern to each of the Hanzo and Hebijo students, due to the blood that had been given to them.


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