White Widow (雪蜘蛛 - Yukigumo, lit. Snow Spider) is Yumi's Ultimate Secret Ninja Art in Shinovi Versus. It costs five Ninja Art energy scrolls and requires health to be at critical state to execute.


Shinovi Versus

White Widow SV

Yumi summons her guardian spider, White Widow, to conjure up a glacial whirlwind. It has the same range as her Secret Ninja Art 2 and can pull enemies into its funnel in an instant, but only if her enemies are close enough to be pulled in the first place.

Yumi is immobile for the duration of the Art, so it is imperative to coax her enemies closer before calling upon White Widow's windy web.

(Will only become available after completing 4-05 of Gessen's Shinobi Girl's Code.)

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