Tornado Spindle (トルネードシュピンデル - Torunēdo Shupinderu) is one of Katsuragi's Secret Ninja Arts that appears through the Senran Kagura series.



Deep Crimson

Shinovi Versus

Katsuragi Tornado Spindle

Katsuragi crouches down and balances herself on her hands. She begins to spin around like a break-dancer and whips up a tornado as she does so.

Estival Versus


  • Katsuragi is the only character from the original two games to have her Secret Ninja Art return as a Level 2 Secret Ninja Art.
  • In the English Localisation of Senran Kagura Burst, when Katsuragi calls out the name of the move, the subtitles misspell it as "Tornado Spindlel".

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