Toad Summon (ガマ召喚 - Gama Shōkan, lit "Toad Summoning") is Asuka's Ultimate Secret Ninja Art in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus. It requires five bars of Ninja Art Energy and for Asuka to be at critical health to use. She becomes able to use it after clearing Chapter 4 Mission 05.


Asuka Toad Summon

Asuka makes a series of hand signs, attempting to summon a large toad; which she is later successful. Once summoned, she celebrates and jumps onto the toad's back. However, the toad ignores her commands and acts on its own The toad then leaps into the air with Asuka still holding on for dear life and makes a dive for the opponent(s). Once it lands, it begins to slash wildly with it's tongue, as Asuka flails about trying to keep hold.

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