Super Sengoku Wars is an extremely popular anime that sets the historical Japanese "sengoku" period in space. It appears in Mirai's Shinobi Girl's Heart storyline in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus. Besides Mirai, Murakumo and Hibari are also fans.


The tagline of the anime is "Whatever I want, I take."

Some of the key phrases and terms from the series are "The power of the Ceorf", "The Edji Knights", "In my lord's name, I sentence you to death!", "Yes. I am your MOTHER!", and "When you give up, that's when the war is over."

There are many tie-in products, the rarest and most limited of which can be found at the so-called "mecca", where fans scramble to take things from each other, just as the tagline suggests.

Main Characters

  • Nobunaga Grandwalker
  • Mitsuheede
  • Master Dayo
  • Drath Momo


  • Super Sengoku Wars is a reference to Star Wars. [citation needed]
  • "Ceorf" is an anagram of "Force".
  • "Edji" is an anagram of "Jedi".
  • "Nobunaga Grandwalker" is a reference to Luke Skywalker.
  • "Drath Momo" is a reference to Darth Vader.
  • "Dayo" is an anagram of "Yoda".

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