Splatter (ぶっかけ - Bukkake) is one of Hikage's Secret Ninja Arts and it appears throughout the Senran Kagura series.



Hikage Splatter B

((Hikage's Super Secret Ninja art: Requires 2 ninja art scrolls to use.))

Hikage enters Frenzy Mode before slashing several times with her knife, each time releasing a black sickle. This attack, though very linear, has quite a bit of range and power to back it. Enemies caught by the barrage of slashes stand little to no chance of surviving.

Deep Crimson

((Hikage's Level 1 Secret Ninja art: Requires 1 ninja art scroll to use.))

Hikage Splatter SK2

While airborne, Hikage unleashes a barrage of knives that rain down on the enemies bellow. The attack has very little power and is quite easy to avoid if facing away from the intended target. However, the number shear of hits help make up for it's lack of power.

Shinovi Versus

((Hikage's Level 2 Secret Ninja art: Requires 2 ninja art scrolls to use.))

Hikage Frenzy

Hikage hunches over before she is consumed by a purple spherical aura. Her eyes then turn red as she sprawls out and releases a large shock wave that damages nearby enemies. After it ends, Hikage enters Frenzy Mode.


  • In Deep Crimson, this Ninja art has notable characteristics to that of her original Aerial Ninja Art, The Breaking from Burst.

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