Skater's Waltz (スケーターズワルツ - Sukētāzu Warutsu) is Ryōna's Hiden Ninpō 1 in Senran Kagura SHINOVI VERSUS and Senran Kagura ESTIVAL VERSUS. It requires one bar of Ninja Art Energy to use.



Ryona Skater's Waltz SV

Ryona skates forward as she begins twirling around in her faulty ballerina style while kicking in unison. Her kicks follow a steady waltz pattern as they land devastating blows to any and all that come into contact with it. It finishes with a powerful kick directly to the ground, causing a small stalagmite shard to shoot up from her heel.

Though it is short and has very little range, the attack is very powerful and quite a bit of damage can be taken from it (whether hit with the entirely or not). The initial and finishing move can freeze adversaries where they stand, so there is little to no escape once ensnared in its icy grip.


Ryona Skater's Waltz EV

In ESTIVAL, this attack follows largely the same uniform actions as its previous version. Ryona skates forward all the while twirling and kicking at the surrounding enemies, finishing with a swift blow from the heel of her boot.

The most notable difference is that this attack, while still short, has been given more range and freedom to redirect. It still traps enemies in a coat of ice, but it erupts shortly after, sending foes flying.

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