Shogyō Mu ZEX (ショギョウムZEX - Shogyō mu ZEX) is Shiki's Ultimate Secret Ninja Art in Senran Kagura SHINOVI VERSUS and Senran Kagura: ESTIVAL VERSUS. It requires five bars of Ninja Art Energy to use.


Shinovi Versus


Shiki creates a puff of smoke, and when it clears, she is completely naked, with her bats acting as censors. She throws her hands up into the air, generating a giant tornado of darkness.

(Shiki becomes able to use it after clearing Chapter 4 Mission 01.)

Estival Versus


The name "Sho Gyomu ZEX" is a pun based on the Buddhist saying "Shogyō Mujo" which means that all things are in flux and that nothing is permanent. This phrase is like an extension of the phrases that Shiki Soku ZX and Kū Soku ZIX are based on.

Shiki's Ultimate Secret Ninja Arts resembles strongly of Overwatch Character Reaper's Ultimate Ability, the Death Blossom.

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