Anointed Shinobi (隠密, Onmitsu, Literally meaning: Spy) also known as Assassin Shinobi are shinobi dressed up as various animals. Each of them specialize in a specific kind of Ninja Art that corresponds with the animal they are dressed up as.


Shinobi Name (JP) Name (ENG) Description

Wolf Assassin 2

Wolf Assassin 1

Wolf The wolf usually move in packs and circle around their target on all sides as they attack. Their attacks can inflict freeze, making them especially dangerous in large groups.
Badger Assassin
Badger The badger burrow underground and shoot up as a surprise attack. They can inflict paralysis making escape difficult when in large numbers.
Crow Assassin
Crow The crow are airborne enemies that attack in flocks. They are known to swoop down for a surprise attack, and shoot projectiles from their bladed wings. Once on the ground, they fight with dual blades and can inflict poison on its target.
Bear The Bear is tough noted for their large size. Though not as durable as Sheep, these shinobi can endure, as well as, dish out high amounts of damage.
Turtle Assassin
Turtle The Turtle is a range fighter equipped with a gun with great firepower. They use their turtle-shell as a shield that provides them with considerable defense from most attacks. When knocked over (or if guard is broken), they spin on their backs. They become impervious to attacks and can deal high damage.
Rat Assassin
Rat Rats travel in groups and they like to keep their distance to avoid close range combat. They throw projectiles such as bombs and shuriken, as well as self detonation upon death. Rats often carry satchels with useful items, such as Bombshells, Health, or Scrolls, making their removal often a chance for supplies.
Monkey Assassin
Monkey Monkeys are Tough fighters armed with long staves and superior jumping abilities. They are extremely aggressive and have a high chance of dazing an opponent on impact.
Rabbit Assassin
Rabbit The Rabbit is an agile fighter armed with large dual wielded weaponry. They attack quicky and swiftly and have a high chance of freezing, as well as dazing an enemy.

Sheep Assassin 1

Sheep Assassin 2

Sheep The Sheep is a massive foes that can endure enormous amounts of damage. They are very powerful, making it difficult to knock back. After taking enough damage, they come out of their suit and fight with their suit's horns. They become much more agile, teleporting to their enemy in an instant and have a high chance of inflicting paralysis. Arguably the strongest of the Anointed Shinobi.
Owl Assassin
Owl Owls battle in flocks and are airborne fighters who can fight effectively both in air and on the ground. They attack with wing-slashes and kick attacks. They are also known to set explosives and ignite them while airborne.

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