This page outlines the gameplay and mechanics of Senran Kagura Burst.

Parallel Perspectives

See the story from both sides, by playing through both Hanzō and Hebijo modes. Each side has its own unique quests and objectives that give you a deeper understanding about the girls in each school. Play both to truly see that though they are split between good and evil, there is a little darkness in the light and a little light in the dark.

Each mode contains 70 different missions making up a total of 140 missions to choose from!

Game Flow

Using the academy as the hub of all operations, the game is usually progressed through a series of text-based short stories, scripted scenes with the girls, and a stage to battle and overcome.

Visual Novel Segment

The short stories, or visual novel-style segments, add a lot of depth to the world as past history is revealed to help realize the full realm of the shinobi. The inner thoughts and daily trials of the girls is also often featured, all interspersed with beautiful artwork.

Adventure Sequence

Watch the girls interact and challenge each other in these scripted cinematic scenes that introduce each stage. Hear the original Japanese voice-overs with English subtitles to see how training is performed and conflicts born, while finding a hidden depth to each of the girls by hearing their stories straight from their mouths.


The heart of the game, where you take control and battle evil OR good! Play through various story missions or take on extra training missions, either way you'll be beating up enemies with the beautifully buxom ninja of your choice.


Each character's costume has three parts; "Uniform", "Swimsuit", and "Shinobi Outfit". Dress your favorite girl up in her best sexy outfit. Beat missions and gain Titles to unlock hidden clothes, including the shinobi outfits of the opposing school. From police women uniforms to bunny suits, there are outfits to please everyone, and with an equally wide variety of accessories, each girl will have their own unique look.

3D Image Viewer

Each outfit in the Dressing room will be displayed in 3D. After customizing a girl's outfit, you can enjoy the fruits of your label by inspecting her outfit from all angles. 

Battle Basics

Each girl has her own style of martial arts to beat her foes. Make use of both strong and weak attacks to perform powerful combinations called Techniques. A Combo Meter keeps track of how many attacks you chain on enemies, and the higher you combo score the more XP you gain. Large combos also unlock new techniques to deal even more damage! When you send your enemies flying, you can follow them into the air to perform an Aerial Rave to deal further combos and damage even while airborne.

Though the girls are masters at dealing out pain, they will inevitably be taking damage at times. Rather than a health meter, each hit the girls take reduce their costume durability and HP. Their outfits slowly tear off bit by bit until all durability is lost and they're left in nothing but their swimsuits! To add insult to injury, the fewer clothes they have the more damage they take, so be sure to try to keep your "armor" on for as long as possible.

Secret Ninja Arts

Each girl has a Ninja Art gauge which, when filled, lets that girl perform a "Shinobi Transformation." This unlocks each girl's true shinobi form and allows for powerful special attacks called "Secret Ninja Art." These special attacks deal massive damage and have a wider range than a normal attack, and each special attack changes based on whether the girl is in the land or air.

Each girl has her own sacred animal that manifests during her Secret Ninja Art, so make sure to try them all!


There are three different "Balance" attributes in game; Yin, Yang, and Flash mode. Each different mode allows you to customize the girls' fighting styles with new Techniques.

  • Yin Mode: Unlock Yin mode by shedding clothes and going Frantic at the start of missions (pressing L and R at the same time). When Yin mode is fully unlocked you will gain access to longer combos, Yin moves, greatly increased attack power, and increased short dash. However, your defense will be greatly reduced, and while your Limit Break will no longer consume health, you may only use it while surrounded by light.
  • Yang Mode: Unlock Yang mode by performing Shinobi Transformations and using Secret Ninja Arts. When Yang is fully unlocked you will gain access to longer combos, Yang moves, an extra Aerial Rave loop, and increased short dash speed. In addition, your ninja art gauge builds faster and being hit no longer causes stuns.
  • Flash Mode: Flash mode only unlocks once both Yin and Yang modes have been mastered, and has a mix of both attributes. When Flash mode is unlocked your attack and defense increase up to 1.5 times, short dash invincibility increases, ninja art gauge is easier to build, limit breaks take less health to use, aerial raves are infinite, and hard attacks can break the enemy's guard. However, you cannot enter into Frantic mode while in Flash mode.

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