This page list all the normal enemies in Senran Kagura Burst.

Types of Enemies


  • Wooden Doll:
  • Dark Doll:
  • Ball:
  • Snake:
  • Female Puppet:
  • Master Puppet:

Female Gang Leader

  • Knife:
  • Wooden Sword:
  • Yo-yo:
  • Large Gang Leader:

Anointed Shinobi

  • Sky:
  • Earth:
  • Water:

Greater Shinobi

  • Fire:
  • Wind:
  • Poison:


  • Homura Guards:
  • Yomi Guards:
  • Hikage Guards:
  • Mirai Guards:
  • Haruka Guards:

Hebijo Students

  • Frantic:
  • Shinobi Transformation:


  • Bad Schoolgirl:
  • Thief:

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