Here's a list of weapons that are obtainable from specific section of the Yóma's Nest.


  • Green Willow, Red Blossom: A pair of short swords handed down from Asuka's grandpa.
  • Gourd Hammer - Tree Frog: Legend has it shaking them at a festival can bring rain.
  • Tsukimaru & Kagemaru: These Sai, Tsukimaru & Kagemaru, can cast cut demons.
  • Gimmicky Kunai: A beginners' kunai that came in "Nin-Ni," a shinobi girl magazine.
  • Grandpa's Futomaki Roll: Asuka's favorite. The thickness is just right.
  • Verdict: Gives off the faint echo of Earth's last gasp


  • Hien: A sword that carries the legacy of Houoh Organization.
  • Heavenly Sword Fragarach: Cuts through anything with its high-frequency vibrations.
  • Rapier - Mistilteinn: A rapier so sharp that its tip can spear a molecule.
  • Elegant Drying Rack: A long pole for drying laundry.
  • Chicken Skewer - Hien: A weapon in a shape of a roast skewer. It's sticky
  • Discipline: A cursed weapon with burnt flesh and blood on the blade.


  • T-61 Armored Combat Bts.: Boots with the durability of tanks. They even have treads.
  • Stormbringer: Scarlet shoes with the power to kick up a storm.
  • Candy Shoes: Hibari gave these silly shoes as a gift.
  • Food Storage Set: Shoes that are also ramen boxes, because wasting food is bad.
  • Bonecrush: These creepy shoes seems to have the same texture as bones.


  • Double Trick Umbrella: Available from the catalog "Shadows of the Umbrella."
  • Fishy Fire Flag: A flag of signaling during fire. Smells of squid for some reason.
  • Umbrella Beast Lickoreena: A umbrella-like ghost with a fondness for Yagyu.
  • Deep Sea Being - Y: It's cooked just right and looks like a broiled squid.
  • Funeral Rain: A cursed umbrella, said to rain down the blood of lost souls.


  • Ninto: Hibari's friend. You can tell it's not properly trained from its eyes.
  • Gigantorabbit: A Ninto bot created by Haruka. Might be better than the original.
  • Rabbit De Niro: Ninto dressed like a legendary crime boss. With big front teeth.
  • Old Man Thunder Usagiboo: Ninto dressed like a slumbering thunder god.
  • Mr. Bunny Cake: Hibari saved up her allowance to buy these Mr. Bunny sweets.
  • Cectotrope: An intimidating beast from ancient, forbidden lore.


  • Fists: The only weapon a true warrior needs to show her resolve.
  • Gouki's Shackles: These spiky bracelets are more about fashion than fighting.
  • Handcuffs: Some people dream of being arrested just to wear these.
  • Training Equipment: These heavy weights help keep the wearer in optimal shape.
  • Marbled Meat: Meat that can tame even the most ferocious of beasts.
  • Fuuki's Rosary: A demonic rosary, sealed with a curse.

Ultimate Asuka

  • Twin Swords: Universe: Swords that holds the Earth's destructive and creative power.
  • Keepsake - Inequality: A legendary sword used by Musashi Miyamoto.
  • Kikokumaru & Zanhamaru: It's said that these two swords can wipe out a whole army.
  • Twin Beam Swords: She who wields these symbols of justice can perform miracles.
  • 6 Dumplings Family Sisters: A big, tasty helping of dango. Asuka's bite mark included.
  • Frozen Moon Blades: These swords carries the hope of a girl who believed in justice.


  • Flame Sword - Homura: Homura's custom swords, designed to be wielded six at a time.
  • Claw Splitter - Laevateinn: Heavy gauntlets with razor sharp claws.
  • Snake Sickles: Curved swords that look like striking snakes.
  • Cake Knives: Cake knives. Now, if only you had someone to celebrate with.
  • Crab: Homura's comedy props. No one's sure she found them.
  • Punishment: These eight swords are said to grow with each sin they witness.


  • War Axe - Gungnir: An axe so powerful that its use is officially forbidden.
  • Battle Hammer - Mjolnir: The hammer uses pistons to pound the enemy repeatedly.
  • Princess Iron Fan's Vane: A holy iron fan that can create hurricanes and rainstorms.
  • Fried Sprouts (Super Dish): A weaponized pan of stir-fried sprouts. Deadly and delicious.
  • Famine: A demonic sword that thirsts for the blood of its enemies.


  • Hinata's Knife: A Precious knife that once belonged to Hikage's mentor Hinata.
  • Whip Knife: A chain hunting knife that looks like a kulkri.
  • Evil Sword - Uroboros: An oddly shaped knife. It moves however Hikage wants it to.
  • Cooking Utensils: What a maiden uses to cook for her love.
  • Deviant Eater's Silverware: Utensils for picky eaters.
  • Pestilence: A knife blackened with all the blood its ever bathed in.


  • Alteisen: A hip gunbrella that works with gothic lolita fashion.
  • Straelen: It lights up! It rings! A postronic weapon of Mirai's own design!
  • Yae's Cherry Blossom Gun: Legend has it this gun once belonged to the great kunochi Yae.
  • Nostalgic Toy: A precious toy Mirai played with when she was little.
  • 3 o'Clock Snack: What Mirai always bought at her local candy shop.
  • War: A modern weapon designed for maximum close-range carnage.


  • Ball Puppet (Custom): Haruka's faithful servant, made from a training ball puppet.
  • Robot Digger - O Pai: A ball puppet that digs, digs, and digs.
  • Outlet man: A puppet that charges up electricity, then flings it from its hands.
  • Perverted Feudal Lord: A pervy feudal lord who flirts with all of the girls in the castle.
  • Dr. Puppet: A ditzy nurse puppet. Just lie still; this won't hurt a bit...
  • Death: A bloodthirsty that arms to decapitate its victims.


  • Ultimate Wheel: A large shuriken that can go from one blade to four blades.
  • Demon Wheel: A large, violent shuriken that glows the darkness of the night.
  • Helirotor: A sharp blade that dances in mid-air as it spins.
  • Textbooks: A required item for all teachers. Includes all students' secrets.
  • Lucky 4-leaf Clover: Represents the anxiety of teachers as their youth sips away.
  • Hibiki's Wings: A large shuriken made from the unknown ore, hihirckane.

Crimson Homura

  • Engetsuka: A family sword that holds the crimson flames.
  • Mukuro's Giant Scythe: Becomes more ominous with every drop of blood shed.
  • Oni's Golden Bat: A giant club that an oni once used to destroy several mountains.
  • Single Beam Sword: A sword of an infamous villian who held sway over darkness.
  • Fried Shrimp: As you can see, it's a giant fried shrimp. Comes with the tail.
  • Demon Blade - Kouken: A Seventh-branch sword that holds a girl's hatred and revenge.


  • Handmade Chain & Sickle: Murasame's most prized possession. He made it himself as a boy.
  • Mic Stand: A Mic stand that anybody can use to look cool.
  • Skull Sickle: A handmade weapon consisting mainly of a plastic foam board.
  • Idol Princess Transformation Kit: Spins and Sparkles just like in the popular anime Idol Princess.
  • Man of the Sea: A miracle workout device. Huge muscles in just one year!
  • Prized trophy: An embarrassingly small trophy.