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No. Obtain No. Obtain No. Obtain No. Obtain No. Obtain
01 Hanzo Girls

(Clear Hanzo Shinobi Girls' Code 5-05)

02 Crimson Squad Girls 

(Clear Crimson Squad Shinobi Girls' Code 5-05)

03 Gessen Girls

(Clear Gessen Shiobi Girls' Code 3-01)

04 Hebijo Girls 

(Clear Hebijo Shinobi Girls' Code 5-04)

05 Morning Dry-Bruh 

(View Hanzo Prologue)

06 Ikaruga and Murasame 

(Clear Hanzo Shinobi Girls' Code 1-04)

07 Katsuragi and Choco

(Clear Hanzo Shinobi Girls' Code 2-01)

08 The Secret in Her Eyes

(Clear Hanzo Shinobi Girls' Code 4-04)

09 Yagyu and Nozomi

(Clear Hanzo Shinobi Girls' Code 5-01)

10 I Will Not Abide You! 

(Clear Hanzo Shinobi Girls' Code 5-05)

11 Yozakura's Big Family

(Clear Gessen Shiobi Girls' Code 2-04)

12 Face Kurokage 

(Clear Gessen Shiobi Girls' Code 2-02)

13 Hometown Friends

(Clear Gessen Shiobi Girls' Code 4-03)

14 Reconciliation

(Clear Gessen Shiobi Girls' Code 5-05)

15 Chasing Grandpa 

(Clear Gessen Shiobi Girls' Code 3-04)

16 The Great Hanzo 

(View Gessen Prologue)

17 Sending out a Signal

(View Hebijo prologue)

18 Memories of Ryouki

(Clear Hebijo Shinobi Girls' Code 4-02)

19 Trigger of Vengeance

(Clear Hebijo Shinobi Girls' Code 5-02)

20 Bonds of Friendship

(Clear Hebijo Shinobi Girls' Code 5-05)

21 Homura Returns

(View Crimson Squad Prologue)

22 Online Writing 

(Clear Crimson Squad Shinobi Girls' Code 2-01)

23 Old Friends' Reunion

(Clear Crimson Squad Shinobi Girls' Code 3-01)

24 ...With a Heart of Gold

(Clear Crimson Squad Shinobi Girls' Code 4-02)

25 Love & Peace 

(Clear Crimson Squad Shinobi Girls' Code 5-01)

26 The Way of Shinobi!

(Clear Crimson Squad Shinobi Girls' Code 5-05)

27 Sushi with Friends!

(Clear Asuka's Shinobi Girl's Heart)

28 After Disciplining

(Clear Ikaruga's Shinobi Girl's Heart)

29 The Cop-A-Feel Queen! 

(Clear Katsuragi's Shinobi Girl's Heart)

30 Girl Fight 

(Clear Yagyu's Shinobi Girl's Heart)

31 Happy Birthday!

(Clear Hibari's Shinobi Girl's Heart)

32 Hermit Crab! 

(Clear Homura's Shinobi Girl's Heart)

33 Let Me Eat Cake

(Clear Yomi's Shinobi Girl's Heart)

34 Happy Feelings 

(Clear Hikage's Shinobi Girl's Heart)

35 Sengoku Super Wars

(Clear Mirai's Shinobi Girl's Heart)

36 Masochistic Haruka 

(Clear Haruka's Shinobi Girl's Heart)

37 Cuteness is Justice! 

(Clear Yumi's Shinobi Girl's Heart)

38 Her True Face

(Clear Murakumo's Shinobi Girl's Heart)

39 Fists of Steel 

(Clear Yozakura's Shinobi Girl's Heart)

40 The Blog Queen Falls

(Clear Shiki's Shinobi Girl's Heart)

41 Bean Sprout Paradise 

(Clear Minori Shinobi Girl's Heart)

42 Because I'm a Girl

(Clear Miyabi's Shinobi Girl's Heart)

43 Good Night, Bebbey 

(Clear Murasaki's Shinobi Girl's Heart)

44 Rose-Colored Moments

(Clear Imu's Shinobi Girl's Heart)

45 I Wish I were Like...

(Clear Imu's Shinobi Girl's Heart)

46 Howling at the Moon

(Clear Ryouna's Shinobi Girl's Heart)


Number Obtain
01 Opening Movie (Initial)


Number Song Title Number Song Title Number Song Title Number Song Title Number Song Title
01 The Shinobi Principle 02 At Hanzo Academy 03 At Hebijo Academy 04 At Gessen Academy 05 The Path of Challenges
06 Shop District Rampage 07 Snowy Mountain Climb 08 Bouncing on the Beach 09 Proof of Strength 10 Successor of Hanzo
11 Hien's Caliber 12 For Father and Mother 13 Ribbon of Sorrow 14 The Power of Kagan 15 Crimson Heart
16 Sprouts of Fire 17 Shadow and Light 18 Mirai and Futsure 19 Fun for Adults 20 For Master Kurokage
21 Masked Princess 22 Floral Freedom 23 For Serious 24 Let's Play! 25 Swear to Dougen
26 For Your Scar 27 My Everything 28 Wayward Thoughts 29 Super Duper Masochism 30 Hanzo Ninja Room
31 Renegades' Hideout 32 Gessen Ninja Room 33 Hebijo Ninja Room 34 Strained Strings 35 Interesting Story
36 Determination 37 Jump in the Fire 38 Things Ahead 39 That Day, That Time... 40 What it Means to Fight
41 Shopping 42 Resolution of Blooms (Inst) 43 Resolution of Blooms 44 Moonlight 45 Chaos in Bloom
46 The Crimson Law


  • Asuka
  • Ikaruga
  • Katsuragi
  • Yagyu
  • Hibari
  • Homura
  • Yomi
  • Hikage
  • Mirai
  • Haruka
  • Daidoji
  • Yumi
  • Murakumo
  • Yozakura
  • Shiki
  • Minori
  • Miyabi
  • Murasaki
  • Imu
  • Ryobi
  • Ryona
  • Rin


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