The following page outlines information regarding gameplay and mechanics in Senran Kagura: New Wave.

About Missions

Missions are duties preformed by shinobi to help them grow. When you preform a mission it will reduce your stamina, but increase your EXP and Training Points. It is also possible to obtain items and cards during missions.


Missions are executed using your  current leader card. You can continue to do a mission as long as there is enough Stamina, but once the number obtained items or cards from the mission reaches 10, the mission will automatically be suspended. In addition, you can cancel the mission prematurely if you wish.

Experience Points

You can earn EXP by doing missions. Your level will increase once you acquire a certain number of EXP. Upon leveling up the maximum number of your stamina, friends, and deck cost will increase. Additionally, your Stamina and Battle Points will be fully recovered.


Stamina is what is consumed when doing missions. Your stamina will recover by 1 every minute. It is also possible to recover Stamina by using items or leveling up.

Training Points

Training Points are consumed when training cards. Training Points can be obtained by doing missions or winning PVP battles. It is possible to hold a maximum of 99,999,999 points. Points over this number will be discarded.

Mission Completion

When you earn obtain all the cards that can be earned during a mission, you will be rewarded with special rewards such as a rare card.

Boss Battles

After completing the mission, the boss will appear. You can request assistance from the leader cards of two friends so you can fight together, or just fight the boss alone. If you defeat the boss a new mission will appear.

About Cards

There are different types of cards. Cards you collect can be strengthened by training. By collecting many different cards you can increase your possession limit.


You can set the leader card to any of the cards currently in your main deck. When you preform missions, the shinobi depicted in the leader card will appear during the operation.


Each card has various parameters:

  • Level: Represents the current level of the card. When you level up HP, Attack, and Defense will increase.
  • HP: Represents the physical stamina of the card. When it reaches zero the card will no longer be able to fight in the current battle.
  • ATK: Represents the physical strength of the card. The amount of damage done to to the enemy increases based on how high the cards ATK is.
  • DEF: Represents the physical defense of the card. The higher defense of the card, the less damage it will take from enemies.


The rarity of the card represents how hard the card is to obtain along with how powerful it is. There are several types of card rarities: N/N+, R/R+, SR/SR+, UR/UR+, and LR.


Cost number represents the cost required to use a card in your battle deck. It is not possible to create a deck that goes beyond your cost limit. It should also be noted that higher rarity cards tend to have higher cost values.


Each card has one of three attributes: Yang, Yin, and Flash. Cards will earn more EXP when trained with cards of the same attribute.

Limit Gauge

The Limit Gauge is required to use Limit Break in battle. Limit Break can only be used when the gauge is at MAX. The gauge resets when Limit Break has been used. Limit Break gives your cards a massive power boost in battle and can help earn victory in tough fights.

Ninja Arts

Ninja Arts are special ability that can be used in ranked battles. Ninja Arts have many effects such as increasing attack power or lowering the defense of the enemy. The probability of Ninja Arts being used in battle increases as the Ninja Art level rises.

Deck Skills


When you obtain new cards, your collection will increase. By obtaining new cards it is possible to receive a bonus on how many cards it is possible to possess at the same time.


By transferring cards you can redeem cards you no longer want for Training Points. The amount of points received is dependent on the level and rarity of the card.

About Training

About Rebirth

About Battle

About Teams

About Friends

About Cheering

About Gacha

About Gift Box

About Invitations

About Gifts

About Redeeming

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