The Shinobi Dojo can be accessed from the main menu and allows players to play online against others.

The Honor Roll

The Honor Roll is the online ranking list. The amount of points you obtain determines the title you receive and your online ranking. Aside from the overall ranking there are also individual rankings and emblems for how one preforms in each specific game mode.


Creating a Challenge

In order to create a challenge you must set challenge type, win conditions, arena, time limit, and recommended level. Optionally, you can choose a room comment and set a password.

Challenge Search

You can find challenges by inputting your desired conditions on the menu or simple pressing triangle to enter a match at random.


Free for All

Free for Alls are a type of battle where each player stands against all the other players. You'll be fighting on your own, so items and positioning on the field will be crucial to emerging victorious.

Team Battle

In Team Battles, players are split into two teams, each battling the other. Unlike Free for All matches, there are multiple ways to win, so work together with your partner to secure victory.

Battle Conditions

Point Battle

In Point Battles, all players compete against one another to earn the highest number of points. There are many ways to earn points, such as defeating enemies or destroying their clothing. Players can also lose points by being defeated or having their own clothes destroyed. Of the many battle types you can choose, this is considered the most basic.


In Understorm, panties rain from the sky and players must quickly gather as many as they can. Panties will regularly fall from the sky throughout the entire stage. When you defeat another player who's holding onto some panties, you can steal the pantie he/she was holding. If you don't want to be a gatherer, you can always hunt those who do.

Capture the Flag

In Capture the Bra, players find the bra hidden somewhere in the stage and make a flag out of it. Defeating other player means more bras, but only for the player holding the flag, so you'll want to hold onto it as long as you can! Whether you nab the flag first or target the player holding it right at the end, you'll need to think on your feet to tip this delicate game of delicates in your favor.

Queen of the Hills

In Queen of the Hills, players compete to destroy 5 festival platforms scattered throughout the stage. A team wins this game type if they can change all 5 platforms to their team's color. Queen of the Hills can only be played as a team battle, so make sure to coordinate your actions with your allies.

Shinobi Survival

In Shinobi Survival, players try to defend the festival platform against waves of oncoming enemies. Each wave will be slightly stronger than the last, so knowing how best to defeat each type of enemy while taking minimal damage is very important. Shinobi Survival is only available to 4-player groups, who will fight together as single team.

Walker Battle

In Walker Battle, player fight over a limited number of Puppet Walkers on the map. The number of Puppet Walkers will be equal to half the participating players. The Puppet Walkers in this match type have no fuel limit so as long as the player isn't KO'd, he or she can continue to ride and battle. Players who couldn't get onto a Puppet Walker can wait for someone else to get pulled off of one, then be the first one to grab it.

Shinobi Deatmatch

Shinobi Deatmatch is a fight to the death -- or rather, it's a fight over other player's lives. When you defeat and enemy player, you reduce their life count. When a player's life count hits 0, a Shinobi Resurrection will occur and that player will take control of a grunt, who can distract the surviving players. When a player-controlled grunt defeats a surviving player, an Ultimate Shinobi Resurrection will occur and the player will come back in.


Kagura Festival

Kagura Festival is an event that occurs during a battle. It can take the form of a Container Drop, a player being branded a Fugitive, or a Ninja Arts Fest. Every so often during a battle, one of these events will occur. If you grab an item or your Ninja Art gauge is filled to the brim, use these boons effectively to give you an advantage against even the strongest opponents.


Miss Shinobi

In the Miss Shinobi Contest, you can dress up your favorite shinobi in the Dressing Room and show off her best pose. You can enter your shinobi in the contest and win special items that can't be found anywhere else.

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