PS4 Nyuunyuu DX Pack PREMIUM Arrange Soundtrack & Drama CD is a two disc soundtrack that comes with the limited edition PlayStation 4 Japanese version of Senran Kagura: Estival Versus. It also comes with figurines of theme members of Gessen Girls' Academy (Yumi, Murakumo, Yozakura, Shiki, Minori)

Sunbeam's Kiss

This CD features various rearrangements of themes from the game. This particular soundtrack contains rearrangements and mixes of the Gessen, Hanzo, and the Kagura Millennium Festival Executives' themes along with other themes.


Track Listing

Number Name Length Comments
01 SUNSHINE FES (Full ver.) The openinng song.
02 Miracle Time
03 Moonlight Shadows A rearranged mix of the Gessen character themes.
04 Snow Moon Garden A rearrangement of the Gessen Academy stage theme.
05 Midnight Suns A rearranged mix of the Hanzo character themes.
06 ASAKUSA A rearrangement of the Hanzo Academy stage theme.
07 Joy Joy Parade A rearrangement of Minori's character theme.
08 The World Will Become One A rearrangement of Kafuru's character theme.
09 Determination
10 Vision
11 Summer Samba A rearrangement of Sayuri/Jasmine's theme.
12 SUNSHINE FES (Yumi ver.) Yumi's solo version of the opening song.
13 SUNSHINE FES (Asuka ver.) Asuka's solo version of the opening song.

Aijō o Kōdō De Shimesu to Ittara…… Chū Shikanai yo ne!

The Drama CD that comes with the two disc set.


Track Listing

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