This page covers everything that can be viewed in the Library in Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit.


Note: Pic 01 will be available automatically after watching the opening movie, Pics 02-45 unlock when you complete each corresponding character's story, and Pics 46-48 will unlock when you complete every story.

No. Pic No. Pic No. Pic No. Pic No. Pic.
01 Opening Movie 02 Asuka Character Illustration 03 Ikaruga Character Illustration 04 Katsuragi Character Illustration 05 Yagyu Character Illustration
06 Hibari Character Illustration 07 Homura Character Illustration 08 Yomi Character Illustration 09 Hikage Character Illustration 10 Mirai Character Illustration
11 Haruka Character Illustration 12 Yumi Character Illustration 13 Murakumo Character Illustration 14 Yozakura Character Illustration 15 Shiki Character Illustration
16 Minori Character Illustration 17 Miyabi Character Illustration 18 Murasaki Character Illustration 19 Imu Character Illustration 20 Ryobi Character Illustration
21 Ryona Character Illustration 22 Daidoji Character Illustration 23 Rin Character Illustration 24 Asuka Ending Illustration 25 Ikaruga Ending Illustration
26 Katsuragi Ending Illustration 27 Yagyu Ending Illustration 28 HIbari Ending Illustration 29 Homura Ending Illustration 30 Yomi Ending Illustration
31 Hikage Ending Illustration 32 Mirai Ending Illustration 33 Haruka Ending Illustration 34 Yumi Ending Illustration 35 Murakumo Ending Illustration
36 Yozakura Ending Illustration 37 Shiki Ending Illustration 38 Minori Ending Illustration 39 Miyabi Ending Illustration 40 Murasaki Ending Illustration
41 Imu Ending Illustration 42 Ryobi Ending Illustration 43 Ryona Ending Illustration 44 Daidoji Ending Illustration 45 Rin Ending Illustration
46 Key Visual Illustration 47 Visual Book + Original Soundtrack Illustration 48 Special Illustration


Note: Each song will automatically appear in the Library after hearing it at least once during gameplay.
  1. Secret Ninja Technique of Love (short instrumental)
  2. Main Menu
  3. Which One's Tastier?!
  4. Futomaki Ninja
  5. One Sweet, Succulent Ramen, Comin' Right Up!
  6. It's Your Big Sis, Yagyū!
  7. I Just Wanna Marry Sweets
  8. Break out of your Shell!
  9. I Devote Myself to Sprouts -My Lovely Bean Sprouts-
  10. I'll Sucker Down My Octopus Balls Right Here
  11. Classic Romance -A Woman In Her Prime-
  12. Full-On Sadist
  13. Pretty Prisoner
  14. I Got It! -Fusion of Sci-Fi and Cooking-
  15. My Ultimate Feast
  16. Cookin' is a Piece of Cake!
  17. 3 Minutes of Hustle and Bustle Cooking
  18. Machiavellism of Despair
  19. Level Up my Shut-In Lifestyle
  20. Dearest Person to Me
  21. I Have Only One Wish
  22. Frantic Self Satisfaction
  23. The Path of the Raging Demon
  24. Prepare Yourself, Teacher
  25. Interesting Story
  26. Determination
  27. Jump in the Fire
  28. Things Ahead
  29. That Day, That Time...
  30. Hanzo Ninja Room
  31. Renegades' Hideout
  32. Gessen Ninja Room
  33. Hebijo Ninja Room
  34. What it Means to Fight


Note: All the following characters have a total of 243 voice clips, with the exception of Murakumo who has a total of 246. Each character's voice set can be unlocked by completing their story.

  • Asuka
  • Ikaruga
  • Katsuragi
  • Yagyu
  • Hibari
  • Homura
  • Yomi
  • Hikage
  • Mirai
  • Haruka
  • Daidoji
  • Yumi
  • Murakumo
  • Yozakura
  • Shiki
  • Minori
  • Miyabi
  • Murasaki
  • Imu
  • Ryobi
  • Ryona
  • Rin


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