The following page outlines information regarding gameplay and mechanics in Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit.

Basic Controls


Cooking Modes

  • Story Mode: Choose a shinobi girl and fight in a series of cooking battles to experience her own personal story.
  • Arcade Mode: Fight against six shinobi girls. Which girls you'll face depends on the difficulty. Your score will be uploaded to the Honor Roll.
  • Free Mode: Choose your opponent and hone your cooking skills on your own terms.

Dressing Room

In the Dressing Room, you can swap out your selected character's clothing and accessories and view your character freely.

Change Outfits

Choose a character and select an item you want to change. Press the START button to register the current set as a favorite so you can put it on at a moment's notice. You ca register up to 25 favorites.

Viewer Mode

Press S Icon vertically by pressing the L or R button. You can choose one of the three button settings here by pressing SELECT.


In the Library, you can view pictures, movies and so on. Press the L or R button to change categories.

  • Pics: View pictures and movies you've unlocked.
  • Music: Play music. Also, while you're in the Library, you can keep playing the song you select in the background.
  • Voices: Listen to characters' voices. Select a character and a line to play.
  • Score: View various data records, such as your total points or how may songs you've cleared.


In Settings, you can adjust the volume for in-game music, sound effects and voices. Use the left stick or directional buttons to highlight options and change the settings.

Adjustable Settings

BGM Volume Adjust the volume for in-game music.
SE Volume Adjust the volume for sound effects.
Voice Volume Adjust the volume for voices.
SE Select Change the sound effect for when you hit icons in Cooking Battles.
Cooking Voice Turn on/off characters' voices during Cooking Battles.
Hanzo's Comments Turn on/off the subtitles for Hanzo's comments.
Dressing Room Turn on/off the girls' subtitles in the Dressing Room.
Auto Save If you turn on Auto Save, the game progress will be saved automatically at certain points during gameplay.

Honor Roll

The Honor Roll lets you compare your highest score from Arcade Mode with those other players.

Honor Roll Screen

You can scroll up and down with the left stick. Press the T Icon button to see where you are in the rankings.

Ranking Category

Rankings are categorized by difficulty and by school. Press L or R to change categories.

Player Information

View players' scores, chosen characters, and PSN IDs. Select any player you like and press O Icon to see their details.

How to Cook

A cooking battle consists of the following steps:

  • Select Character/Difficulty: Choose a character to use and the difficulty to play.
  • Cooking Battle: When a button icon appears, press the indicated button in time with the music.
  • Taste Test: There are two taste tests in the middle of a match. If you lose a taste test, you'll also lose at least one article of clothing.
  • Final Judgement: When cooking time ends, the final judgement will be made, depending on each dish's deliciousness and size. If you take the lead in both taste tests and win the match then you will receive a special after the result screen.

Cooking Battles

In a cooking battle, button icons will appear in time with the music. Press the indicated buttons on beat to cook well.



Depending on your timing, you'll earn one of four ratings for each button you press (Perfect, Great, Fine, Bad). The better your accumulated ratings, the better the food tastes.

Combo Hits

If you keep hitting icons, you'll achieve combo hits. Keep hitting the icons in time with the music to rack up more combo hits, but if you score a Bad on any icon, you'll reset your Combo Meter to 0. Your highest number of combo hits will affect the size of the dish.

Ninja Arts

By hitting icons perfectly, you can build up Ninja Art Gauge. Once the gauge is filled up, you can perform a Ninja Art by pressing L or R. You'll score higher while the Ninja Art is in effect, and more combo hits will earn you even more bonus points. But watch out; one wrong move will end the effect.

Taste Test and Judgement

A cooking battle is divided into three parts. When each part ends, Hanzo will judge the quality of each dish. You'll know who's ahead then, because the runner-up will get her outfit shredded. At the end of the third part, Hanzo's judgement will determine the winner.

Score Screen

After Hanzo's final judgement, proceed to the Score screen to view the score of the match, the high score, most combo hits, score breakdown and overall grade. Once you've seen it all, press O Icon to end the cooking battle.

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