Scrolls are a vital tool used by all shinobi in the Senran Kagura universe. Their primary use in the series are for techniques such as Shinobi Turnover and Secret Ninja Arts and thus every shinobi must have one on them at all times.


Secret Ninja Art Scroll

A Secret Ninja Art Scroll is where a shinobi borrows the powers of Nature so as to exceed their limits. In order to use Secret Ninja Arts one must first enter their Shinobi Turnover state by using the scroll or enter Frantic state. Each shinobi keeps their scroll hidden on them in different places to prevent it from being stolen by their enemies.

Super-Secret Ninja Art Scroll

A Super-Secret Ninja Art Scroll represents the essence of a shinobi school. Each school only has one and regards it as their treasure. Drawing on the powers of Yin and Yang allows a shinobi to release his or her full potential. These techniques cannot be used by everyone, however. Those lacking enough power will find themselves unable to read what is written in the scroll. As revealed in the Crimson Girls story of Senran Kagura Burst, spiritually weak individuals who attempt to use the ultimate Yin Techniques will be driven mad.

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