Ryouna SV

Ryouna PBS

Voiced By MAKO
Faction Hebijo (1st-year)
Age 16
Gender Female
Birthday January, 19th (Capricorn)
Blood Type O
Laterality Left
Guardian Pig
Weapon Quad-Handgun
Personal Details
Hobby Shopping
Favorite Food Chikuwa
Family Ryōbi (twin sister)

Ryōki (older sister)

Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Heterochromatic (Blue and Green)
Height 160cm (5'3")
Bust 98cm (39")
Cup 68I
Bust Volume 2717.5ml
Waist 56cm (22")
Hips 88cm (35")

Ryōna (両奈) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus.

Like her twin sister Ryōbi, Ryōna is a first-year student at Hebijo. Between her and Ryōbi, Ryōna is the elder sister of the twins. Ryōna likes being chastised and scolded, loves showing off her breasts and is a giant masochist. She has a freestyle shooting posture.



Ryōna is a young woman with short blonde hair, and heterochromic eyes, with a green left eye and a blue right eye. She has a fond of dressing up as a winged princess, which shows off her remarkably curvy figure (even by the game's standards).

She dons a white outfit with a short, wide skirt decorated with triangular patterns. The top of the outfit ends in two triangles held together by thin threads which keep the back held together. More threads reach from each triangle to the other triangle to keep from exposing her bust and the front of the outfit from falling off (both of these things she probably wouldn't have a problem with).

She also wears white stockings with triangular cut tops trimmed with gold, boots that reach up to under her knees which are trimmed the same way as her stockings (her arms also share the same trend). Finally, her outfit is accessorized with two angelic wings and a silver tiara on her head.


She is more than often showing off her bust to the other girls both friend or foe and is a massive masochist. She has a dozen of different poses while shooting her guns and speaks in a high pitched, squeaky voice. When the topic of good vs evil or whenever someone mentions Ryōki, her and Ryōbi's older sister take on a serious personality, ranging from questioning (in question to good vs evil) to even violent (towards those who knows of Ryōki's whereabouts).


Ryōbi's twin sister, who enrolled into Gessen Academy with her after their older sister, Ryōki's death. After hearing of the cause of their sister's demise (which was a rampage from Miyabi), they defected Gessen and enrolled into Hebijo Academy to gain Miyabi's trust and later kill her, taking revenge on her for Ryōki.

Through many battles, she battled HibariYozakura, and Haruka in that order, all the while gaining more and more of Miyabi's trust, all for making it crash to the ground in the end with her murder.

During the assassination attempt, Ryōna's job was to take out Imu, though Murasaki stood in the way of that. Once Ryōbi had her sights set on Miyabi, Murasaki's instincts enabled her to take a bullet for Imu, who had been in the way of Ryōbi's line of fire (though Imu was planned to be killed first so she wouldn't act as a meat shield when Miyabi's time came).

Murasaki had taken the bullet head on, causing her "death", putting Miyabi on her guard and triggering Imu's bloodline power, the Root of Calamity. Imu's crazed state, possessed by the Root of Calamity, allowed her to beat up Ryōbi and Ryōna as payback for Murasaki's "murder". In the end, the five Hebijo Elite all made it out of the chaos alive and ready to fight another day.

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  • Ryōna's name means "Both Are Strong", referring to her and her sister.
  • Her name sounds very close to Ryona which is a type of fetish of having the girls feature get beaten up (if not worse), this may have been intentional considering her masochistic tendencies.
  • Ryōna's Design and fighting Style are inspired by the popular Ice performance Swan Lake.
  • Ryōna and her sister share their birthday with Yoshimitsu.