Rolling Thunder II (ローリングサンダーⅡ) is Imu's Level 2 Secret Ninja Art in Senran Kagura: Estival Versus. It requires 2 Ninja Art scrolls to use.


Estival Versus

Imu Rolling Thunder EV

This ninja art goes through an extreme change in this game. Imu takes her staff and begins to spin it. She then tosses it at the enemies as if she were executing Rolling Thunder. Only she does not stop there. While quickly forming a hand sign, Imu extends the shockwave created by the staff into an upward spiral; engulfing everything that is trapped within. Unlike its predecessor, this ninja art is far more stationary. However, it's range and strength have increased significantly.


  • Imu is the only character to have a second version of a preexisting ninja art from a previous title.

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