Roaring Sword - Ragnarok Yomi's weapon in the Senran Kagura series. It first appeared in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls and has appeared along side Yomi ever since.


Ragnarok is a giant mechanical broadsword. It is incredibly heavy, as Yomi herself often struggles to lift it, having to dragging it across the ground.


Ragnarok's blade is very wide and hefty, being very dark in bollow, but shiny at the edges. The handle appears to be wrapped in bandages. The blad eitself has several notches in it where the parts rearrage when it transforms. The hilt is rather large, with a brown, wooden base and a huge slot where the blade retracts.


Begin mechanical, it can open itself to reveal several blades and allowing air to flow through it for her Wind-Based Ninja Arts. It also requires no fuel. It has the ability to grow several times larger in size and is also retractable.