Pure Bliss (おおよろこび - Ō Yorokobi, lit. "Great Joy") is one of Hikage's Secret Ninja Arts that appears throughout the Senran Kagura series.


Deep Crimson

Hikage Great Joy SK2

((Hikage's Level 3 Secret Ninja art: Requires 3 ninja art scrolls to use.))

Hikage takes her main blade along with several small daggers and begins to throw, slash and swing in all directions around her body. The attack, though stationary, has great range swallows all enemies that come into contact with it.

Shinovi Versus

Hikage Great Joy

((Hikage's Ultimate Secret Ninja art: Requires 5 ninja art scrolls to use and for her to be at critical health.))

This move changes dramatically in later games. Hikage enters Frenzy Mode and begins to dash towards her enemies at insane speed while slashing wildly with her knife. In this mode, Higake's speed multiplies exponentially, as well as her attack range. If locked on to an enemy, there is little to no escape.

Estival Versus

Hikage Great Joy EV

((Hikage's Ultimate Secret Ninja art: Requires 5 ninja art scrolls to use.))

This move retains most of its uniform action from its previous game. Although, the execution is altered a bit. Hikage creates a pulse of energy, damaging and knocking back all enemies around her and enters Frenzy Mode. From here, Hikage can be controlled by the player as she wipes around, slashing at enemies at blinding speeds.

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