Oto-kyō Shōgekiha Raiden ( 音狂衝撃波・雷電 - lit. "") is Renka's Ultimate Secret Ninja Art in Senran Kagura: Estival Versus. It requires 5 ninja art scrolls to use.


Estival Versus

Oto-kyou Shougekiha Raiden EV

Renka generates a gigantic drum on a floating platform as she herself is perched atop two smaller floating drums. She then begins to beat on the drum, generating a small shock wave of lighting with each strike. Her pace will gradually speed up as the attack progresses until the drum has reached its peek. Then, with a final strike, Renka sends out one massive shock wave that blows any and all the enemies away.


  • The drum used in this Ninja Art is known as a O-Daiko drum: A type of taiko drum used in Japanese festivals.

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