This is a feature that is included in most Senran Kagura games. After every mission, the player is sent there to converse with other characters, check out the media files such as music and pictures, change settings, change characters, and other things included as a break room after every mission.

At some point in the game (usually in the last chapter), there will be a point where you will continue the story and save as you go and don't return to the Ninja Room until you quit the mission or beat the required chapters.



In the Ninja room, The player can interact with characters to hear what they have to say. These also change as chapters are completed. In Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson, one can also change characters by selecting "Switch" after talking to the character the player wishes to play.


Allows the player access the game mission and story mode.

Dressing Room

Main article: Dressing Room
Allows the player to access the Dressing Room Feature that allows the player to change the characters outfits, as well as display them in a 3D space where they can be posed or even harassed.


Allows the player to access the Library Menu, where the player gets access to media such as images, music, sounds, terms and statistics.


Allows the player to access the Save Menu. This is where a player can save their progress outside of missions, as well as load and delete previous save files.


Allows the player to access the Settings menu. Sound controls, music, sound effects, and voice acting can be turned up or down to the players liking. In some games, camera controls can also be changed.

Character Select

In Senran Kagura Portrait of Girls and Senran Kagura Burst, this allows the player to access the character select screen. In Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus the character select screen can be accessed by pressing the R button in the Ninja Room which will open up a menu to access the option.


Allows the player to access the multiplayer. where the player has access to both Local an Online Multiplayer modes.


Allows the player to access the store a feature in Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus where the player can buy items from Ayame, who runs the store. In those games, items such as music, outfits, images and accessories that have been unlocked will then be placed into the store where they must then be purchased. A special "easter egg" was placed where players can touch Ayame and she'll give a reaction similar to a Dressing Room reaction.

There is also a "Lingerie Lottery" that can be played where players put a set amount of Zeni to unlock lingerie through a raffle system. The chances of getting new lingerie depends on how much money is put into the lottery and gets lower the more lingerie is unlocked.

Also, the PlayStation Store can be accessed through the Store to buy Tokens, which can be used in the Lingerie lottery, guaranteeing the player gets a new


  • The Hebijo Ninja Room in Senran Kagura Burst has a trophy on display. This trophy was won by Haruka at a chain and sickle competition, where she got first place. This was the very same competition Murasame got 6th place in.

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