Ninja Arts is a term referring to almost any technique used by shinobi. Ninja Arts vary greatly in purpose and can range from mobility and attack to mind control and self-empowerment and even more.

Five Elements Theory

All things are composed of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. These elements are crucial in mastering shinobi techniques.


Besides normal techniques, Ninja Arts can be broken down into other categories:

Secret Ninja Arts

Main Article: Secret Ninja Art

Ninja Arts that use the power of nature by siphoning power from an animal of choice envisioned in the mind. In order to make use of Secret Ninja Arts, a shinobi must use Secret Ninja Art Scrolls. There are several different categories of Secret Ninja Arts.

Forbidden Ninja Arts

Ninja arts that are forbidden mainly due to the high risk of recoil to the user's body and mind.