Timeline 2


Naraku EV

Naraku PBS

Voiced By Yuuko Kaida
Age 16
Gender Female
Birthday July, 15th (Cancer)
Blood Type O
Laterality Right
Weapon Feet Flails
Personal Details
Favorite Food Strawberries
Hair Color Light Green
Eye Color Pink
Height 151cm (4'11")
Bust 91 (36")
Cup 66G
Bust Volume  ????.?ml
Waist 56 (22")
Hips 82 (32")

Naraku (奈楽) was raised from birth for one solitary purpose: to guard the mystical Reincarnation Sphere, which, when Naraku came of age, "hatched" into the being known as Kagura.

Today, Naraku stands beside Kagura every hour of the day and protects her from all possible harm, out of both duty and friendship. She fights with an expandable metal ball, which she swings from a chain around her ankle.



Naraku is a rather short girl with shoulder-length, pale green hair, and pink eyes. She wears a black sleeveless top with a small orange jacket. She wears long white socks with black sandals. Around her neck is a red scarf. She carries a green bag with her. Her scarf has a yellow pin with black stripes and two green Shinobi Stones.



Estival Versus

Naraku appears as playable character through downloadable content and has no relevance to the main story of the game, nor does she have any additional story content.

Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts

Ultimate Secret Ninja Arts


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