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Miyabi SV
Voiced By Hiromi Hirata
Age 21
Gender Female
Birthday August, 15th
Blood Type B
Laterality Both
Guardian Crow & Serpent
Weapon Cursed Seven-Branch Sword
Personal Details
Faction/School Hebijo (3rd-year)
Hobby Taking baths
Favorite Food Oyako donburi
Hair Color White
Eye Color Yellow
Height 169cm (5'6")
Bust 90cm (35")
Cup 67G
Bust Volume 1634.8ml
Waist 56cm (22")
Hips 87cm (34")

Miyabi(雅緋) is a playable character from the Senran Kagura video game series. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus. She's a well respected 3rd year student and the leader of the group at Hebijo. A member of the earlier generation before Homura's. She lost her abilities and memory after an accident during a mission. She stands for the Private Ladies Academy of the Serpent. Imu is her childhood friend. Miyabi will do anything it takes to honor Hebijo, no matter how harsh it may be. With the deadly sepent and ruthless crow as her ninja animals, this is a true evil shinobi.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Miyabi is a girl of a lightly tanned complexion, though not nearly to the extent of Homura. Her short white hair causes some, mainly Imu, to claim that she looks like a handsome man, a trait which is even more greatly exemplified by her lack of femininity, much to her chagrin.

Personality Edit

Background Edit

Miyabi came from a family of evil ninja, as did Imu, a childhood friend of hers. When the two were younger, they always dreamed of what it would be like as ninja, going as far as to play a game called "Ninja." However, one day, Imu had an idea; They should play Ninja, but for real.

One fateful night, the two girls would gather their fathers' weapons before sneaking off to the woods, a place where they had been warned not to go several times by their parents. Shortly into their "game," however, the children were attacked by a Yoma. Before the beast could attack the girls, Miyabi's mother stepped in, but she, though she was a Shinobi, stood no chance against the Yoma, and had her head brutally crushed by the beast right before her daughter's eyes. This sight would scar young Miyabi for life. As she stood, awaiting death by the hands of the Yoma, her father would then step in and quickly finish the demon.

Apparently, her father was the principal of an Evil Ninja school known as Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy, a school in which Miyabi would enter, and quickly reach the elite level, alongside Imu years later. She and Imu would soon take part in a mission, along with several other ninja and one Kagura. The mission involved combat with a group of Good Shinobi. This battle, however, would be interrupted by Yoma. In a fit of vengeance-triggered rage, Miyabi would use a Forbidden Ninja Art, Blood Riot, a technique passed down through her family.This technique involved gathering power from the blood spilled within the Shinobi Kekkai, but it provided a significant risk to the user if they lost control. Of course, Miyabi did lose control, and she had no memory of what happened afterwards, except for the fact that she and Imu were the only survivors.

Story Edit


Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy Edit


A handicapped Miyabi hears the voice of Imu, her best friend. It seemed that Miyabi had been suffering from memory loss, but one word continuously repeats in her mind, and that word is, "Hebijo." As she wonders about this, Imu, who was also hospitalized after the mission, speaks to her, however, Miyabi didn't seem to pay much attention.

Soon, however, their peace is interrupted as the sight of Hebijo burning in the distance catches their sight, as does the demon, Orochi. As soon as the sight was seen, the demon disappears, and all that is left is a burning school. Miyabi, who had been in a wheelchair since the incident that took her memories, would finally stand (though with minimal struggling, since her muscles had atrophied due to not being used), much to Imu's surprise. The two girls would rush to the scene, only to be met with rubble and a pile of corpses, with Orochi nowhere to be seen. With this, and the little memory of that fateful mission, Miyabi decided that she would retrieve the honor lost by the school.

Ninja Arts Edit

Gameplay Edit

Creation & DevelopmentEdit

The producer says that Miyabi is a busty girl that has a cool aura. She was created around the same time as Yumi. Her partner, Imu, was also created around that time. She's a little older than the other girls, can produce black flames, and has one black wing. He believes she is beautiful as opposed to cute, and fragile, but possessing of a coolness that's markedly different from Homura's.

Trivia Edit

  • Miyabi's name means "Beautiful Scarlet".
  • So far, Miyabi is the only ninja to have two ninja animals, crow and serpent.



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