Minori's Snack Party (美野里のお菓子パーティ - Minori no Okashi Pāti) is Minori's Level 2 Secret Ninja Art in Senran Kagura SHINOVI VERSUS and Senran Kagura ESTIVAL VERSUS. It requires 2 bars of Ninja Art energy to use.



Minori's Candy Party SV

Minori's backpack expands before it burst opens, releasing giant pieces of candy which move as if they were sentient. She chases the candy; the candy chases her. Overjoyed, she jumps into the air and sends the candy outwards, where it dances around her, attacking any enemies nearby.

This attack is quite stationary and has limited range. So timing key with the execution of this move being successful. You can, however, change the direction of this attack.


Minori's Candy Party EV

This move remains largely the same from its previous game. Minor's backpack expands before releasing giant sentient-like candy around her. With the candy now dancing around her, Minori becomes overjoyed; mindlessly jumping into the air with the candy simultaneously and sending it outward with a stary bang!

Though still stationary, this attack's range has increased, as well as its hit radius and attack power.

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