Kagerō (影朗 - Kagerō) is one of Murakumo's reoccurring Secret Ninja Arts that appears throughout the Senran Kagura series.


Shinovi Versus

(Murakumo's Level 2 Ninja Art: Requires 2 Ninja art scroll to use.)

Kotarō howls, calling Murakumo's black wolf, Kagerō. Both wolves dash about in a frenzy towards the enemies in a zigzag pattern. This attack is far more stationary than her first Ninja Art, giving it less range for the attack to land successfully. It attacks in the general direction of wherever Murakumo is facing and can not be redirected. So be careful not to miss your target.

Estival Versus

Murakumo Kagero EV

(Murakumo's Level 2 Ninja Art: Requires 2 Ninja art scroll to use.)

Though relatively the same, the execution is done differently. Instead of having Kotaro call for Kagero, Murakumo summons them both. From there they dash about in a frenzy, attacking any and all enemies in the general vicinity. Instead of the two wolfs attacking in one general direction, they cover the entire area around Murakumo; giving her a unique edge when trying to capture enemies that would sneak up from behind.


  • The name Kagerō means "Shadow Son".

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