Izanagi (イザナギ) is a Ninja Art used by Kagura that appears throughout the Senaran Kagura series.


Deep Crimson

While it never appears in gameplay, Kagura uses this move to eliminate Orochi's true form in a cutscene. Kagura raises both arms to her chest, before thrusting them outwards to her sides. Upon doing this, several rifts in space appear around Orochi and release red, sword-like objects into it, impaling it from multiple angles and killing it instantly.

Estival Versus


(Kagura's Level 2 Ninja Art: Requires 2 ninja art energy scrolls to use.)

This move retains most of it uniform action from its previous game. Like in Deep Crimson, Kagura summons a number of rifts surrounding the area in front of her. She extends her hands to her sides, and the rifts begin bombarding the area with red blasts. She then clenches her fists, summoning four large swords to impale anything remaining.

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