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Ikaruga Portrait (SKB - RN)

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Ikaruga PBS

Voiced By Asami Imai
Faction Hanzo (3rd-year)
Age 18
Gender Female
Birthday July, 7th (Cancer)
Blood Type A
Laterality Right
Guardian Phoenix
Weapon Hien
Personal Details
Hobby Reading
Favorite Food Green Tea/Kaiseki
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Height 168cm (5'6")
Bust 93cm (37")
Cup 68G
Bust Volume 1939.0ml
Waist 59cm (23")
Hips 90cm (35")

Ikaruga (斑鳩) is a playable character in second timeline of the Senran Kagura series.

A third-year student at Hanzō National Academy, she is the class president and her peers' "big sister." Although she was born in the slums, her remarkable talents drew the attention of the wealthy Houou family organization, who adopted her, named her the heir of their shinobi lineage and granted her custody of the family sword, Hien.

Her adopted brother, Murasame, swiftly grew jealous of her skills, and challenged her to duel after duel for her place in line. Torn between her pride and her concern for his feelings, Ikaruga stood her ground, patiently defeating him again and again until he accepted both his place and hers.

Since then, he's gone on to a successful career in business, and she's been free to focus on her shinobi studies. Classically trained in both etiquette and swordplay, she carries herself with nobility, and holds her underclasswomen to the same standards of behavior.



Ikaruga Concepts (Headshots)

Ikaruga looks refined with long, straight, black hair flowing down to her lower thighs and flat cut bangs resting on her forehead. Her slanted eyes are dark blue.

Her shinobi outfit consists of a white gold-trimmed jacket with six buttons and a few golden tassels strewn across. She has a Hanzou armband pinned to her upper left arm to signify her status as the class representative. She has a short gold-trimmed white skirt and boots of similar colors to her jacket, accentuated by black tights.


Ikaruga holds the responsibility of being the leader of a five girls strong shinobi team. Usually a calm individual, she can become highly agitated by Katsuragi's lecherousness. Like Katsuragi, she hides her sadness behind her cool exterior, but the love of her fellow shinobi have helped to soften the pain of her wounds. Needless to say, she works excellently in a team. She also has a knack for cooking and enjoying traditional Japanese cuisine, going so far as to make her own dishes such as the Sweet Squid Ramen Roll (a combination of futomaki sushi, ramen, squid, and sweets).


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Her weapon is an heirloom Nodachi sword called "Hien", (lit. Flying Swallow). Her Ninpo utilizes the power of phoenixes.

Musical Themes

Name Game Description Audio
Hien's Caliber Shinovi Versus Ikaruga's theme. It also plays when you fight against her.
SK Shinovi Versus - Hien's Caliber
Searching for the Wielder of Hien Estival Versus Ikaruga's theme after transforming. It also plays when you fight against her.
Senran Kagura Estival Versus OST - Searching for t