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Portrait of Girls/Crimson Girls

Shinovi Versus

Menu, Screen, Idle, and Ninja Room quotes.

  • (When player is idle): "Please think carefully."
  • (When player is idle): "What's the matter?"
  • (When entering the Library): "For our viewing and listening pleasure."
  • (When switching to Pictures in the Library): "I do remember some of these things."
  • (When switching to Videos in the Library): "Please watch us as we dance."
  • (When switching to Music in the Library): "Do you find this research stimulating?"
  • (When switching to Voice in the Library): "I will speak clearly and promptly."
  • (When switching to Score in the Library): "This is our progress."
  • (When viewing Usage Ranking in the Library - When rank 1): "???"
  • (When viewing Usage Ranking in the Library - When not rank 1): "The next steps will be crucial."
  • (When selecting Shinobi Girls' Code): "This is our story."
  • (When selecting Shinobi Girl's Heart): "This is the story of everyone all around me."
  • (When selecting Training Field): "Let us prepare and review our training here."
  • (After selecting a mission): "Let's go!"
  • (After selecting a mission): "I will cut down all who stand in my way!"
  • (After selecting a mission): "I'm off!"
  • (After selecting a mission): "My body...Is tingling."
  • (After selecting a mission): "I understand."
  • (After selecting a mission): "Please go easy on me."
  • (When selecting Character Select): "A change?"
  • (When selecting Character Select): "Who should I change with?"
  • (When switching to Ikaruga on Character Select): "Roger."
  • (When switching to Ikaruga on Character Select): "I understand."
  • (When viewing Ikaruga's Progress screen): "It is important to know oneself."
  • (When viewing Ikaruga's Tech List screen): "Lets review my techniques."
  • (When entering the Ninja Room start menu): "Which one shall I choose..?"
  • (When entering the Records menu): "Lets update the records."
  • (When entering the Shinobi Dojo): "I will accept any challenge!"
  • (When entering the School Select menu): "Please select a school."
  • (When entering the Settings menu): "We can change the volume settings here."
  • (When adjusting voice levels in the Settings menu): "Can you hear me?"
  • (When selecting an option from the Ninja Room start screen): "I have made my decision!"
  • (When exiting out out of Ninja Room start screen/aborting Free Training): "I will have to pass."
  • (When exiting the pause menu during a mission): "Break time is over!"
  • (When aborting a mission): "I have to retreat...!"

  • (When entering): "What shall I wear today?"
  • (When entering): "Please choose something that you feel suits me."
  • (When selecting the Hanzo uniform): "This is our uniform."
  • (When selecting Ikaruga's shinobi outfit): "I feel rather comfortable in this."
  • (When changing outfits/hair/accessories): "How is this?"
  • (When changing outfits/hair/accessories): "I don't mind this outfit at all."
  • (When changing outfits/hair/accessories): "Oh, I most definitely like this."
  • (When changing outfits/hair/accessories): "A little change could do me some good, indeed."
  • (When changing outfits/hair/accessories): "I like this well enough."
  • (When changing lingerie): "I have to wonder how functional this outfit is."
  • (When changing lingerie): "Oh, my, how cute."
  • (When changing lingerie): "It's important for clothes to fit the wearer's body."
  • (When changing lingerie): "Ah. A swimsuit."
  • (When adjusting an accessory): "Where would you like to attach that?"
  • (When touched/outfit is damaged): "Enough."
  • (When touched/outfit is damaged): "Don't touch me."
  • (When touched/outfit is damaged): "Do you want to go on living?"
  • (When touched/outfit is damaged): "You are the lowest human on the Earth."
  • (When touched/outfit is damaged): "C-Can you please stop...?"
  • (When touched/outfit is damaged): "Are you a pervert?"
  • (When lifting up her skirt): "H-Hey?!"
  • (When lifting up her skirt): "H-Hey, wait. Stop!"
  • (When lifting up her skirt): "What are you doing?!"
  • (When zoomed in): "Oh, I quite appreciate this outfit's aesthetics"
  • (When zoomed in): "T-This is not good..."
  • (When zoomed in): "*Hums*"
  • (When zoomed in): "You seem... fixated."
  • (When zoomed in): "You're...getting too close."
  • (When zoomed in): "Is something the matter?"

  • (Stage start): "I will show you the dance cloaked in shadows!"
  • (Stage start): "I will show you the dance cloaked in shadows!" (Different tone of voice)
  • (When hit as CPU): "???"
  • (When hit as CPU): "???"
  • (When hit as CPU): "???"
  • (100 hit combo): "100 hit combination!"
  • (200 hit combo): "200 hit combination!"
  • (300 hit combo): "300 hit combination!"
  • (400 hit combo): "400 hit combination!"
  • (500 hit combo): "500 hit combination!"

Flash Mode

  • (Idle): "Let us...begin."
  • (After defeating all the enemies within a Shinobi Barrier): "I did it!"
  • (Limit Break): "Stand back!"
  • (Taunt): "I am the class representative."
  • (Taunt): "I have no rivals."
  • (Ninja Art Gauge filled): "I can...feel the power!"
  • (Launch attack): "Too slow!"
  • (Launch attack): "Clean cut!"
  • (Launch attack): "This is it!"
  • (Transition into Aerial Rave): "Here I come!"
  • (Dazed): "???"
  • (Victory): "Mission complete."

Yang Mode

  • (Entering Yang mode): "Shinobi...Transformation!"
  • (Idle): "As the class representative... I have a duty to do...!"
  • (After defeating all the enemies within a Shinobi Barrier): "This is too easy!"
  • (Limit Break): "Please step aside!!"
  • (Taunt): "Behold Hien's flame, and burn!"
  • (Taunt): "Hold nothing back."
  • (Ninja Art Gauge filled): "You cannot stop me!"
  • (Secret Ninja Art 1): "Hien Hosen: Mode 1! This is the end!"
  • (Secret Ninja Art 1): "Hien Hosen: Mode 1... Begone..."
  • (Secret Ninja Art 2): "Hien... Awaken!"
  • (Secret Ninja Art 2): "Hien... Mow them down! Oukaensen!"
  • (Ultimate Secret Ninja Art): "Hien...Come! Zekka Hoosen!"
  • (Ultimate Secret Ninja Art): "Hien... Let us go!"
  • (Launch attack): "It's mine!"
  • (Launch attack): "Clean cut!"
  • (Launch attack): "Take this!"
  • (Transition into Aerial Rave): "Begone!"
  • (Dazed): "???"
  • (Victory): "I am the class representative. This is nothing."

Yin Mode

  • (Entering Yin mode): "Frantic!"
  • (Idle): "Class representatives have to be tough."
  • (After defeating all the enemies within a Shinobi Barrier): "It's done."
  • (Limit Break): "I will not hold back!"
  • (Taunt): "We all have our own burdens to carry."
  • (Taunt): "Please show me your strength."
  • (Ninja Art Gauge filled): "...! My power!"
  • (Secret Ninja Art 1): "Scatter! And be at peace!"
  • (Secret Ninja Art 1): "Let us finish this... Hien Hosen: Mode !!
  • (Secret Ninja Art 2): "Hien... Awaken!"
  • (Secret Ninja Art 2): "Hien... Give me strength!"
  • (Ultimate Secret Ninja Art): "Hien... I need your power! Zekka Hoosen!"
  • (Ultimate Secret Ninja Art): "Hien... It is time to awaken!"
  • (Launch attack): "Clean cut!"
  • (Launch attack): "Kindly shut your mouth!"
  • (Launch attack): "Begone!"
  • (Transition into Aerial Rave): "You will not eascape!"
  • (Dazed): "???"
  • (Victory): "Mission accomplished."

Bon Appetit!

Deep Crimson

Estival Versus

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