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1838477-senran kagura char hikage super

Hebijo-Hikage Burst Render

Hikage DC Portrait

Voiced By Ryoko Shiraishi
Faction Hebijo (3rd-year) (Formerly)
Crimson Squad (Currently)
Age 17
Gender Female
Birthday September 9th (Virgo)
Blood Type O
Laterality Right
Guardian Cobra
Weapon Hinata's Knife
Personal Details
Hobby None
Favorite Food None
Family Hinata (Mentor/Guardian)
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Amber
Height 160cm (5'3")
Bust 85cm (33")
Cup 65E
Bust Volume 1218.0ml
Waist 57cm (22")
Hips 85cm (33")

Hikage(日影) is a playable character in the first timeline of Senran Kagura. She makes her debut in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls, and becomes playable in Senran Kagura Burst.



Hikage is a pale skin girl with medium length green hair and amber eyes in a furtive or feral glance and an emotionless expression. She tends to stick her tongue out when on the prowl. She wears a dingy torn up yellow and black striped shirt with a snake patterned and black frill trim that is very short, stopping at the bust line, showing a lot of cleavage. Because of this, it can only properly cover one of her shoulders. She has thin necklaces around her neck, and black leather constricts going down her arms and legs, which carry knives. Her blue jeans have gashes and rips. The zipper is down and the belt unbuckled, with leather constricts below the knees and a red snake pattern on the left thigh. She has snake tattoos on her left hip, shoulder and breast.


“Their actions and reactions stand in direct contrast to their feelings. I seriously don't understand at all.”
—Hikage, attempting to make sense of emotions.

Hikage rarely, if ever, displays emotion and when she does, it is to a very low degree. She herself states that the best way to describe her is a "cicada husk". Because of this, her mood is hard to read. She also has very apathetic and languorous demeanor and when faced with a problem, she usually tends to space out, losing herself in thought. Often though, she just is outright oblivious to everything going on around her, usually landing her in peculiar situations. She tends to just go with the flow of things, curious as to how everything plays out. She tries her best to make up for her lack of expression by being vocal and explicit about her thoughts and opinions, often making her come across as socially awkward. She is also very frank and honest about things, stating things the way she sees them, sometimes coming off as rude or inconsiderate of others feelings.

Although Hikage doesn't understand emotions, she does have the strong desire to understand them. Originally, Hikage never gave them a second thought, stating that their fleeting nature always struck her as a "pain in the ass". However, she starts shows personal interest in them after meeting Katsuragi, stating that she has never felt so alive while fighting her. Thus paving a new path for her to take on.


Senran Kagura Burst

Hanzō National Academy

Chapter 1
Section 8: Hebijo Assassin
Inside Katsuragi’s dorm, Katsuragi wakes up from a dream with her beating up people that can’t put up a good fight and challenge. The time was now 4 AM. Katsuragi realizes that she’s been having the same adrenaline-rushed dream almost every night for the past few years before waking up. She feels that it’s unsatisfying and unrewarding with just the rush she gets.

Katsuragi then decides to get up from her bed, get changed, and jumped out of the dorm’s window as she dashes off into the mountains. As she does her usual training, she wonders when she’ll be able to fight someone formidable since all she’s been doing is fighting dummies at school. After breaking a sweat, she finally notices the sun slowly rising up from the far distance. She always admires the early morning hours.

As she finishes up her training and starts heading back to the dorm, she begins to feel a small presence behind her. She slowly turns around but there was no one there. Without even thinking, Katsuragi calls out to her pet pedigree Pomeranian, Choco. She then begins to remember the times when she was with him before disappearing on her for some reason. Because of that, whenever she feels a small, faint presence near her, she begin to think it’s him. However, Katsuragi got back to her senses and begins to think that the small presence couldn’t have been Choco. However, she hasn’t given up hope that one day, she’ll reunite with him. She then begins to remember how her own parents disappeared as well along with Choco. She always wondered why her parents disappeared on her like that, but deep down, she think she knows the answer, which is why Katsuragi wants to be as strong as she can be.

As she entered the ninja room, Katsuragi forces herself from being mopey to cheery as she prepares her breakfast at the sushi counter. She fixes herself up a bowl of ramen. As she’s about to eat, a weird sight suddenly fills her vision. She notices something round that’s moving on the other side of the sliding door.

Katsuragi quickly flings the door open without thinking and sees a soft, fluffy ball floating in the air. She wonders if it’s one of Kiriya’s trap, but instead deducted into thinking that it’s an enemy’s trap. Katsuragi quickly leaps back and kicks the ball, cutting it in two. The ball then disappears into smoke with nothing left behind. Katsuragi scans her surroundings carefully for threats, but she couldn’t see anything. She begins to figure that the ball was used for the enemy to spy on them while also wondering what kind of data were the enemy able to acquire. Because of that, Katsuragi believes that in the future, her and the other students are about to have some unpleasant company.

Suddenly, Katsuragi hears Asuka asking her what’s wrong from the distance. She’s came into the room at some point. Katsuragi turns to Asuka and tells her that there’s nothing wrong. Asuka then points towards the unfinished ramen while telling Katsuragi how she’s late for class and the ramen is unfinished, so she knows something is wrong. Katsuragi gives up and tells Asuka that she’ll explain everything once everyone else arrives.

Once everyone is present, Katsuragi tells them what happened earlier. Hibari suggests that they should let Kiriya know, which Yagyū agrees to, but Ikaruga mentions how Kiriya is out on business at the moment, which everyone nods to as they remembered. Hibari then wonders what they’ll all do once the enemy attacks, but Yagyū quickly comforts Hibari by telling her that they’re not sure if they will attack. Katsuragi nods as she begins to think about how she wants to know how strong she really is and how she wants to fight someone tough. She also figures how the enemy will definitely come at some point due to Kiriya not being present at the moment.

Suddenly, Hibari notices a girl outside on the courtyard. Katsuragi was able to notice the girl’s thirst for blood up in the air. The enemy has finally arrived and the students quickly moved to the courtyard as a group. As they arrived, Katsuragi asks for the black-haired girl’s name. However, the black-haired girl asks them if they are shinobi students as she steps forward. The black-haired girl introduces herself as Homura, a shinobi student from Hebijo Clandestine Academy. Katsuragi recalls of the academy and how notorious it is while also mysterious. Homura asks them if they’re Hanzō students but Ikaruga tries to deny the fact that they are. However, Homura takes out a photograph of Katsuragi about to kick the ball while invoking a shinobi barrier. As Homura grins at the Hanzō students, she states how they’re still around after she invoked a shinobi barrier, clarifying the fact that they’re shinobi. Katsuragi asks Homura what if they are shinobi students while Homura replies by telling them to hand over the Super-Secret Ninja Art Scroll. However, Ikaruga tells her that they have no plans to do so. As Katsuragi grins and asks Homura what would happen if they don’t give it up, Homura laughs and draws a sword while saying how she’ll take by force instead.

Katsuragi’s interests piqued as she prepares for a fight, but Asuka tells her to step aside. Confused about whether Asuka and Homura are already acquainted, Katsuragi steps aside since she knows that shinobi battles are supposed to be one-on-one. However, another girl but with an expressionless look on her face walks up and tells Katsuragi that she’ll fight her instead. Katsuragi asks for the expressionless girl’s name as the girl calls herself Hikage. Quickly, Hikage takes out her knife and slashes at Katsuragi with Katsuragu managing to dodge at the last moment. Katsuragi then asks Hikage if she strong while Hikage replies by saying that she has to be. Katsuragi follows up by asking her why while Hikage tells her that if she’s not strong then she’s not following orders.

Katsuragi begins to smile as she’s finally able to fight a tough opponent. She then tells the rest of the Hanzō students to stand back as both herself and Asuka will handle both Homura and Hikage. The others does so as both Asuka and Katsuragi prepare for their first taste of real combat.

Chapter 2
Section 5: Katsuragi vs Hikage
At Katsuragi’s location, Katsuragi is waiting all by herself as she wonders who her opponent is. Suddenly, an attack went towards Katsuragi as she quickly dodges it. The attack came from Hikage as she approaches Katsuragi silently. Katsuragi figures that her opponent was Hikage while Hikage acknowledge her. Katsuragi then becomes excited about how she’s going to have a good fight with Hikage. However, Hikage begins to wonder what she meant by a “good fight”. Katsuragi nods as she states whenever she fights a tough opponent, her blood begins to boil. Still not understanding, Hikage asks her why that’s the case. Katsuragi begins to get confused about the way Hikage is acting while telling her how she’s been training for a rematch against her. Hikage nods but then she decides to leave abruptly. Katsuragi becomes surprised about what Hikage just did, but she decides to give chase in order to have another shot at fighting.

After finally catching up, Katsuragi demands Hikage to fight her, but Hikage asks why she should. Katsuragi then states that she wants to know if she really got stronger after the amount of training she went through. Hikage still doesn’t understand as she tells Katsuragi how there’s plenty of people to fight in order to test yourself. Katsuragi then explains how it wouldn’t mean anything otherwise but Hikage asks why. However, Katsuragi tells Hikage that if she doesn’t fight her, she wouldn’t be able to relax. She also acknowledges Hikage’s strength and how she wants to fight her in order to overcome this obstacle. Hikage shrugs as she states how she doesn’t understand Katsuragi’s feelings about this. With that said, Katsuragi decides that instead of explaining it, she might as well use her fists to do the talking instead.

After the fight, Katsuragi yells out how she won the fight, but Hikage didn’t say anything. Katsuragi then thanks Hikage for the fight and tells her that they should shake on it. However, Hikage asks Katsuragi why she should shake her hand while Katsuragi explains to Hikage how the fight is over and that there’s no hard feelings. Hikage doesn’t understand as she then tells Katsuragi how she didn’t really win. Katsuragi figures that Hikage was pissed that she “lost” the fight, but Hikage tells her that she was never “pissed” before. Katsuragi becomes surprised as Hikage explains to her how she doesn’t understand feelings at all because she doesn’t have feelings herself. Katsuragi begins to question her but Hikage doesn’t understand what she’s talking about. Katsuragi then asks if she’s sure and Hikage tells her that she really doesn’t have feelings and how she didn’t really win the fight. She then tells Katsuragi how she’ll see soon enough about what she means by that. With that said, Hikage leaves the area with Katsuragi wondering what’s wrong with her.

Chapter 3
Section 6: Hebijo Academy
At Hebijo Academy, Hibari examines the entire building from outside and recalls how the building used to be a famous sightseeing attraction in the city. Suddenly, Haruka ask Hibari what she thinks about Hebijo. Hibari tells her that it’s amazing. Haruka then takes Hibari to the North Gate Square. As they were going, Hibari realizes how Haruka is now acting really nice to her now that she transferred to Hebijo. Haruka wonders what she was thinking while Hibari explains to Haruka how she stopped talking about wanting to turn her into a doll. Haruka begins to giggle at her while asking her why would she turn all of her Hebijo friends into dolls. Hearing the word “friend” come out of Haruka’s mouth made Hibari feel a bit uncomfortable and how she’s shocked and amazed at how Hebijo accepted her without a second thought. Hibari figured that the students at Hebijo were cool and collected with who had no use for friends. With that in mind, Haruka shows Hibari to the North Gate Square, where gravel has been laid down throughout the area. Hibari asks Haruka if they really used an area this huge for training and then Haruka giggles once again and nods. Haruka then stomps on the ground when suddenly, Hibari starts hearing a faint voice groaning beneath them. Haruka then tells the students down below to stay silent no matter what as they’re supposed to be camouflaging and become part of the Earth. Hibari’s uncomfortable feelings starts to grow twenty sizes larger.

Haruka explains to Hibari how they must stay in for around 30 hours, which surprises Hibari. The two then walk under the North Gate. They then head for the South Gate area, where they saw a long bridge. Hibari looks out over the bridge and notices bubbles popping in the water with bamboo pipes swaying down there. Hibari figures that the students down there were practicing water escape. Haruka then throws a knife at them when suddenly, blood starts showing and then the student. Hibari tells her that she didn’t need to do that, but Haruka insists that this is what the students wish for since if failure is permitted, no lesson would be learned. Suddenly, the student scramble out of the water and bows, thanking Haruka for the advice.

Lastly, Hibari and Haruka reaches the castle keep when suddenly, Hibari feels that she’s being watched. She begins to look around but she couldn’t find anything. Inside the castle keep, Hibari realizes how much the rooms looks like a luxury resort while also looking confusing. She also notices lectures taking place in several rooms with a lot of students in each one. She also sees how all of the students look focused on the lectures. Hibari then begins to realize just how similar it is at Hebijo to Hanzo Academy and how she never really gave it some thought. She also realizes how the evil shinobi at Hebijo aren’t evil at all. All of the realization shocks Hibari. Before they know it, Hibari and Haruka reaches the top floor. Haruka points to Yomi and Hikage while those two are speaking casually about bean sprouts. She then requests Hibari to come to window to see something. Hibari did so and saw an incredible view of the entire town. She also look down below and saw a lot of shinobi students training. With that in mind, Hibari came to realize that the only difference between the Hanzo Academy and Hebijo Academy students is who’s employing them. Besides that, everything those two do are the same. Hibari then begins to wonder what exactly is a good shinobi and what exactly is an evil shinobi.

Hibari Meeting the Hebijo Elites CG (SKB)

Later on, the other Hebijo elite members entered the room one by one. Haruka introduces Hibari to all of them, making Hibari feel nervous. Suddenly, Mirai walks up to Hibari as she holds up a throwing knife and tells her that if she ignores her, she’ll kill her. Quickly, Hibari tells Mirai how she’s not ignoring her. With that said, Mirai understands and states how there’s no problem between them. Next, Yomi and Hikage walk up to Hibari with Yomi scrutinizing her closely. Yomi realizes how Hibari came from a middle class family while Hikage reprimands Yomi as she looks away from Hibari. Hibari introduces herself to them while telling Yomi how bean sprouts are really tasty. The comment changes Yomi’s expression as she looks back at Hibari. Yomi asks her if that’s true, which Hibari nods to, and then Yomi begins talking about how the prices are going up for it. As for Homura, she jumps lightly and hides the Super-Secret Ninja Art Scroll in the celling. Eventually, all of them leave the upper-level room.

Chapter 5
Section 2: First Emotions
At Katsuragi’s location, Hikage has been waiting for her. The feelings was mutual for Katsuragi. Katsuragi tells Hikage that she’s going to lose to her and that feeling of losing will eat her up inside. Her words interests Hikage as she got in a stance. With that said, the two begins their fight.

Afterwards, Katsuragi becomes victorious but she asks Hikage if she’s feeling and frustration after losing. Sadly, Hikage states that she wasn’t feeling any frustration. However, she then states that she feels refreshed and it’s an interesting feeling. Katsuragi nods and then Hikage asks her if she could shake her hand. Katsuragi questions her but then Hikage tells her that it’s for a good fight, with Katsuragi told her about before. Katsuragi understands and so the two shake one another’s hands. Hikage comments on how warm Katsuragi’s hands were. Katsuragi becomes happy to hear the compliment and then tells Hikage that she needs to go ahead, so she told her to rest until the fighting has stopped. Hikage understands while Katsuragi begins leaving. As she left, Hikage mutters to herself how the students at Hebijo lay down their lives if they’re defeated, which is why they carry a poison with them. She then begins to feel disappointed that she won’t be able to talk with Katsuragi some more. With that said, Hikage figures that the emotion she’s feeling at the moment is sadness.

Deep Crimson

Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts

Super Secret Ninja Arts

Aerial Ninja Arts

Secret Fusion Ninja Arts


Hikage's fighting style mostly focuses on speed, mobility and delivering multiple swift continued hits. When she is pushed too far or really gets into the fight, she enters a berserk state where her emotions run wild, giving her a considerable boost to her speed, mobility and attack range.

She uses her knives for both close range combat and as projectiles for , which may cause poisoning effects. Her combat expertise as been described as almost machine-like, using a fighting style that seems chaotic, despite being very deliberate, making her hard to read and follow.

Musical Themes

Name Game Description Audio
Portrait of Girls/Crimson Girls Hikage's theme before transforming.
Hikage's theme after transforming.
Deep Crimson Hikage's theme. It plays after she transforms.

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