Voiced By Ryoko Shiraishi (Japanese)
Kara Edwards (English)
Faction Hebijo (3rd-year)
Age 17
Gender Female
Birthday September 9th (Virgo)
Blood Type O
Laterality Right
Guardian Cobra
Weapon Hinata's Knife
Personal Details
Hobby None
Favorite Food None
Family Hinata (Mentor/Guardian)
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Amber
Height 160cm (5'3")
Bust 85cm (33")
Cup 65E
Bust Volume 1218.0ml
Waist 57cm (22")
Hips 85cm (33")



Hikage is a pale skin girl with medium length green hair and amber eyes in a furtive or feral glance and an emotionless expression. She tends to stick her tongue out when on the prowl. She wears a dingy torn up yellow and black striped shirt with a snake patterned and black frill trim that is very short, stopping at the bust line, showing a lot of cleavage. Because of this, it can only properly cover one of her shoulders. She has thin necklaces around her neck, and black leather constricts going down her arms and legs, which carry knives. Her blue jeans have gashes and rips. The zipper is down and the belt unbuckled, with leather constricts below the knees and a red snake pattern on the left thigh. She has snake tattoos on her left hip, shoulder and breast.


According to Hikage herself, the best way to describe her is "cicada husk". Hikage rarely if ever displays emotion and when she does, it is to a very low degree. Even simply trying to elicit an emotional response from her usually proves futile. Because of this, her mood is hard to read. She also has very apathetic and languorous demeanor and when faced with a problem, she usually tends to space out, losing herself in thought. Often though, she just is outright oblivious to everything going on around her, usually landing her in peculiar situations. She tends to just go with the flow of things, curious as to how everything plays out. She tries her best to make up for her lack of expression by being vocal and explicit about her thoughts and opinions, often making her come across as socially awkward. She is also very frank and honest about things, stating things the way she sees them, sometimes coming off as rude or inconsiderate of others feelings. She is very analytic, stopping to evaluate and better understand things that she doesn't, sometimes even herself and her own actions.

Although Hikage doesn't understand emotions, she does have the strong desire to understand them. Originally, Hikage never really gave them a second thought, stating that their fleeting nature always struck her as a pain in the ass. However, she starts showing interest in them after her classmates attempt to get her to laugh, since she knew it would make them happy to see her smile. She starts shows personal interest in them after meeting Katsuragi, stating that she has never felt so alive while fighting her. Thus paving a new path for her to take on.