Hien (___)lit, "Flying Swallow" is a prestigious nodachi in the Senran Kagura series. it first appeared along side Ikaruga in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls and has appeared with her ever since.


Hien is the family heirloom of the Phoenix Conglomerate. Although it was originally to be passed on to the family's son, Murasame, he did not possessed sufficient talent as a shinobi to carry on the family ninja legacy. Ikaruga, a distant relative who showed great promise, was then adopted into the family and given Hien instead. Because of this, Murasame showed great resentment towards Ikaruga, saying that he cannot accept an outsider claiming the family weapon and attempts to steal it several times. Regardless, Ikaruga refuses to let anyone take it, as she was told to do so by her adoptive father.


Hien is a very modest looking nodachi, with a shining blade, black hilt and sheath.


While possessing no really special or noteworthy characteristics, Ikaruga has demonstrates the ability to swing the blade at devastating speeds.

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