This page outlines Hibari's relationship with characters in the Senran Kagura PlayStation series.


Hanzo Academy


Hibari and Asuka seems to have a stable relationship. Besides their little interactions with one another during the Hanzo story mode of Burst, they haven't interacted much. However, they see one another as friends and comrades that are willing to help out each other.


Hibari and Ikaruga seems to have a stable relationship. They haven't interacted with one another individually, but Hibari does see Ikaruga as her senior and older sister along with Katsuragi.


Hibari and Katsuragi seems to have a stable relationship. They haven't interacted with one another individually, but Hibari does see Katsuragi as her senior and older sister along with Ikaruga. In some cases, Hibari likes getting herself involved with Katsuragi's shenanigans, which causes Yagyū to step in and threaten to kill Katsuragi sometimes.


Hibari's relationship with Yagyū is a tight one. She sees Yagyū as a very close friend. Yagyū loves taking care of Hibari because Hibari reminds Yagyū of her deceased younger sister, Nozomi. On most occasions, Hibari appreciate Yagyū's love, but there are some cases where she gets annoyed with how Yagyū babies her, especially if it makes her feel weak and helpless. These instances are shown during the events of the Hanzo story mode of Burst and Deep Crimson.

Homura Crimson Squad


Hibari's relationship with Haruka is just as tight as her relationship with Yagyū. Throughout the Hanzo Story mode of Burst, the interaction between Hibari and Haruka revolves with Hibari trying to beat Haruka to prove that she's not weak and helpess while Haruka messes with Hibari like one of her dolls. When Hibari transferred to Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy to retrieve Hanzō National Academy's Super Secret Ninja Scroll, she realizes that Haruka and the rest of the Hebijo elite group aren't bad people. From that point on, Hibari tries her best to befriend Haruka. After their last fight, Hibari was able to befriend Haruka.

Their new bond expands further during the events of Deep Crimson and it's shown during the events of the Hanzo story mode of Shinovi Versus, where Hibari asks Haruka if she's still alright after becoming a renegade and then asks for some help involving her Kagan.

Gessen Girl's Academy


It's implied that after the events of both the Hanzo and Gessen story mode from Shinovi Versus, their relationship is stable. Beforehand, Hibari's relationship with Minori was weird. When they first met, Hibari was confused with how Minori was acting childish and wasn't taking things seriously. However, she was surprised to know how powerful she was after they fought. After realizing that Minori is one of Kurokage's granddaughters and when they fight for the last time, Hibari learns that the reason Minori wants to play 24/7 is because she knows that everyone will die at some point, especially those you are close to, so she rather spend as much time playing before it's too late.

During the Gessen story mode, their interaction revolves around how to become an adult and what does it mean to be an adult, even if it means having your own ideals.

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