Hibari Anime 2
Voiced By Yuka Iguchi (Japanese)
Megan Shipman (English)
Faction Hanzō Academy (1st-year)
Age 16
Gender Female
Birthday February 18th (Aquarius)
Blood Type B
Laterality Right
Guardian Bunny
Weapon Weaponless
Personal Details
Hobby Video Games
Favorite Food Sweets
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Blue/Light Blue (Pink pupils)
Height 160cm (5'3")
Bust 80cm (31")
Cup 60E
Bust Volume 1117.3ml
Waist 55cm (21")
Hips 73cm (28")



Hibari is an upbeat girl with pink hair adorned with three black ribbons that tie it into two pigtails. Her outfit is reminiscent of a student in gym class. She has a light pink track jacket with the Hanzou emblem on the left chest area, dark blue biker shorts, black and white socks, and red and white sneakers. Her eyes are peculiarly dotted with two pink, cross-shaped pupils.


Hibari is exceedingly innocent, trusting and cheerful. Despite often depending on others, especially Yagyu, Hibari dislikes having to completely rely on others, as it makes her feel like she is holding everyone else behind. Although she often feels like she just isn't cut out for it, she always tries her best to keep up with the others and show just how much she can contribute to the team.