Heaven and Earth Thunder God Dragon Ball Fist (天地雷神龍玉拳 - Tenchi Raijin Ryū Gyoku Ken) is one of Daidōji's Secret Ninja Arts that appears throughout the Senran Kagura series.


Deep Crimson

(Daidoji's Level 3 Ninja Art: Requires three Ninja art scrolls to use.)

Shinovi Versus

(Daidoji's Ultimate Secret Ninja Art: Requires five Ninja art scrolls to use.)

Daidōji focuses and releases a lightning aura around herself, before punching the air several times rapidly. With each punch, she releases a fireball from her fist, pummeling any and all enemies that ensnared by its deadly grasp. To finish, she brings one of her hands back and does an open palm strike, releasing the lightning aura in a large explosion.

(Can only be used when health is in critical state)

Estival Versus

Heaven and Earth Thunder God Dragon Ball.EV

(Daidoji's Ultimate Secret Ninja Art: Requires five Ninja art scrolls to use.)

The execution of this move changes greatly from its previous games. Daidōji takes a stance before she lunges forward at her foes and beats them into a corner with a barrage of punches and kicks. Once cornered, she knocks them into the air and begins to viciously punch them; increasing in speed and power as the attack progresses. Finishing the move off with a powerful punch to the ground, causing stalagmite shaped rocks to erupt from underneath.


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