Haruka Anime 1
Voiced By Megumi Toyoguchi (Japanese)
Teri Rogers (English)
Faction Hebijo (3rd-year)
Age 17
Gender Female
Birthday August 13th “(Leo)”
Blood Type AB
Laterality Left
Guardian Japanese Keelback
Weapon Chemicals / Puppet
Personal Details
Hobby Doll making
Favorite Food Sweetened kombu
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Green
Height 169cm (5'7")
Bust 99cm (39")
Cup 69I
Bust Volume 2761.8ml
Waist 55cm (22")
Hips 88cm (35")



Haruka has brown hair that is curled at the ends with a large pink bow on top. She wears what resembles pink and white lingerie with white cups, and a diamond shaped opening revealing her cleavage. On her legs and arms are white garments, and she wears thin white bottom with simple pink high heels. On her back is a large white lab coat lined with many different vials filled with hazardous chemicals.


Haruka is sophisticated young lady who finds the utmost pleasure in toying with her opponents. She treats her enemies like they are toys and is shown to be quite a dominatrix. Haruka likes to pick on weaker people, this explains why she seems to have her eyes on Hibari. She is a very hard person to read and enjoys messing with the feelings of other people. Despite this, like the others, she has been shown to be quite considerate and caring towards those she considers her friends.