Green Willow & Red Blossom are a pair of wakizashi used by Asuka in the Senran Kagura series. They first appeared in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls and have appeared along with her ever since.


Green Willow & Red Blossom are a pair of short swords handed down to Asuka by her grandfather, the legendary Hanzō. He used them throughout most of his career as a ninja.


Green Willow & Red Blossom both have a metal blade, of which they are two different lengths. The hilt of Green Willow is blue while the hilt of Red Blossom is red. While Green Willow's sheath is black, Red Blossom's is red. Both sheaths are trimmed in gold at the top.


Very standard blades with no special characteristics, Asuka typically wields them in a reverse grip. Green Willow is slightly longer while Red Blossom is slightly shorter, meaning Asuka must carefully decide when it is the right time to strike with each .

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