The Flying Squirrel Technique is a Ninja Art that was used by Hanzō in Senran Kagura Burst. It can only be performed by male shinobi.


In Senran Kagura Burst, during the Crimson Girls Story, the Hanzō and Hebijo girls meet up at a hot spring, neither aware of the other being shinobi. Hanzō takes the opportunity to sneak a peek at the girls while they are relaxing in the water. In retaliation, the Asuka and co. throw buckets at him to ward him off. He then performs the technique, effortlessly dodging them with grace and finesse. Homura recognize the technique which, in addition to the Hanzō girls mentioning his name and Asuka calling him "Grandpa", allowed her to not only figure out he was the legendary shinobi himself, but also that Asuka and her friends were all in fact shinobi the entire time.

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