Engetsuka (_____________ - Engetsuka) is a mysterious and powerful nodachi in the Senran Kagura series that is currently in the possession of Homura. It made its first appearance in Senran Kagura: Portrait of Girls and has appeared along with Homura ever since. Homura always uses this sword in conjunction with her Crimson mode throughout the series.


Engetsuka is a family heirloom that Homura was given by her parents before they abandoned her. However, Homura couldn't draw the blade initially. According to Homura, the reason was because she was physically and mentally unable to do so at first. It was not until she understood the value of trusting others expressed deep passion for her comrades that she was finally able to unsheathe it.


Usually sheathed, Engetsuka is much longer than Homura's Katanas and is wrapped in bandages at the hilt. The hilt itself, along with its scabbard, is also colored in a deep crimson while the blade itself is of a shiny metal.


The blade seems to give her the ability to summon and manipulate fire, as well as the power to levitate and attack with her six other katana telepathically.

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