Dead Fox (デッドフォックス - Deddo Fokkusu) is Imu's Level 1 Secret Ninja Art in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus and Senran Kagur: Estival Versus. It requires one bar of Ninja Art Energy to use.


Shinovi Versus

Imu Dead Fox SV

Imu moves about in random, sporadic directions, causing flashes of light due to both her incredible speed and the lightning from her staff. She then charges at her enemies and replicates the initial start of her attack, finishing it off by slamming her staff into the ground, sending enemies flying.

This attack is somewhat stationary, but does have an effect on enemies despite this. It stuns enemies on contact, leaving them defenseless for a duration of time.

Estival Versus

Imu Dead Fox EV

This move remains largely the same from its previous game. It does, however, have notable differences. Imu moves about in sporadic directions, trapping enemies within streams of lightning. She finishes it off by slamming her staff int the ground, sending enemies flying.

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