Daigorō Cut (大五郎切り- Daigorō Giri) is Murakumo's Ultimate Secret Ninja Art in Senran Kagura SHINOVI VERSUS and Senran Kagura ESTIVAL VERSUS. It requires five Ninja Art scrolls to use.


Shinovi Versus

Kotarō and Kagerō both howl, calling a large white wolf named Daigorō. Murakumo puts her spear in Daigorō's mouth, hops on his back, and all three wolves charge at the enemies at full speed. Murakumo starts attacking with her cleaver, slashing wildly from side to side and scooping up any enemies that come near her and her wolves.

(Murakumo becomes able to use it after clearing Chapter 4 Mission 03.)

Estival Versus

Murakumo Daigoro EV

This move retains most of its uniform action from its previous game. However, there are notable differences. Murakumo herself summons Daigoro, giving the spear to hold in its mouth before hoping on its back. It then charges with the spear and rams into enemies while Murakumo swings her cleaver side to side for added attack. To finish, she leaps off and the two attack in unison with both spear and cleaver one last time. Daigoro then returns the spear to Murakumo before it departs.


Daigorō's name means "Five Large Sons".

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